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Act 2-Hageshi Clan Protection Service

H.C.P.S Run By Natalie Pinkadow
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I Alyssa “Stephanie” Hageshi,Adopted Daughter Of Azura Kit and Daughter Of Silver and Mikayla Marie.

Hereaby put into Law Of The Hageshi Clan,A Protection Service for Magic Users across the Land

If you wish to be under H.C.P.S,you must Argeed to the following terms:

I _______ ______,I understand that tbe Hageshi Clan will not provide me housing but a Training Program on how to defend myself. I shall stay after the training is done in one these places:Dayna Shores,The District Of Issy,Hagistead,Northern Forest Tribe or Aurora Valley 

You will and can help Olde Watch track down whoever’s sending out the transmissions.. but you must serve one of those villages

X___________(Your Name)

X___________(Your Signature)

X Natalie Pinkadow (Protector Name)

X Natalie Pinkadow (Protector Signature)

(DM Natalie Tempation For Questions)


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