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Act III-Heading To Skymoon Home-Planet

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Author’s Note:Please don’t come here Void Writer DMs,I kinda made this place for those who wanted to escaped the craziness of the Void and focus on there stories

Author’s 2nd Note:My Stories now take place,a year later and this only affects me and the Solar System that is said in this story

After almost a whole 2 years since The Whole Skymoon Family Members and Friends have left back to there Planet:Cadenziera in a different Part of the Universe..Light Years Away from the Hellifynian Solar System

We have transferred Hagistead,Dayna Shores,The District Of Issy,Aurora Valley, Province, Augusta Campgrounds,The Evel Hells

We will Allow people to come to our place,but you must not bring anyone who’s infected or you will be isloated from anyone till we know your cured

The Alliance has kicked Ruby’s Town/City out and the Olde Watch has been removed by default.Please Cut off your portals once you arrive

Also Short Message to Arom

Alyssa:If you wish to sit around and praise others,then do so..but I suggest you do from a safe point. Because If you actually wanna fight for Hellifyno’s Wastelands and Solar System…Then You Better have a plan and Stay out the Hakisuru Alliance Broadcast Channels.

–End Message–


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