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Actual 4 Forms Explained [Skymoon Ancestors Arc] Chapter 3:Part 7

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OOC Note:I credit to the following writer’s for these forms

Form II: @skylahadley

Form III: @laciemoore18 & @destinymoonwood

Form IV: @ah-2

Names can change if the other writer’s ask, that created them


Form I-Na Mahele

Na Mahele is the first fighting style made by the Vailsons, it is the most popular form in Alpha Stehowla

Later when Jasmine joined the family, Skyla adopted the form and added a magic portion on. 

That teaches students to not only control there powers but there destcantants powers

Form II-Ho?opi?i

The Form orginally created by Jason Coldstone [Fr. Skymoon] 

The Form says that any art of other world’s or migrators, can be added to there current way of fighting.

This is the most preferred style for some off-worlders or other people, it’s the most easist to learn

Form III-Fi Al’aelaa

The Form Of Eygptian God(s) and Goddess(es), adopted by the Singetail Family yet it is very hard to learn because you have to wait till your around forty years old to learn it due to the 3rd power.

However the Gods and Goddesses Of Cadzenziera haven’t been named

Form IV-?Owa?u kahi

The Fourth Form Of Fighting Style made by Yulia Fowl [Fr. Skymoon], this one is a balance between Magic, Witchcraft and Melee.

Yulia had the form specialized in Word Screaming Powers.. However very few know this form.

The Form was declared to be used should someone’s destcantants have a great destiny, The Only Confirmed Person who knows the Form is..Lily Fowl, Jr

Susan would blink as she wrote out the new forms in her Emengercy Weapon and had her aunt document them in a book


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