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Advantages or Disadvantages [World Of Vailsons Arc] Chapter 10:Part 1

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Welcome to Chapter 10 Of The World Of Vailsons Arc, if you are not caught up and want to be, please go read Chapter 2, 4, 6 and 8 to get caught up, all of them are on my profile

Alexandria had collected her things together and sighed, not wanting to deal with her half sister after the argument, they just had

She would sigh softly, going out her window to see Jordan’s shuttle waiting there for her, to see her brother and Jordan’s Brother In-Law there

“Wondered when you would come outside, so here’s the plan, I am going to pilot this ship, taking my brother, sisters with me, you will take your brother and your niece with you in yours” Jordan ran down the plan with Alexandria

“Roxy?” Alexandria asked looking at Jordan with confusion and then got an answer from her brother “My daughter, Sarah” River said to his sister quietly

“Oh, I know that look..” Alexandria said placing her hand on her brother’s shoulder “I’ll keep that kiddo safe from harms way” She said with a smile, as she would press a button on her commlink and it unveil her father’s ship

River would climb into the passenger’s seat and Alexandria would hand him his kid, before climbing into the pilots seat herself “Alright, next stop, Inder”

Soon they would land on the Ryota Ravine, as River would create a Dyson Sphere to protect them from oncoming meteors and asteroids, the Sphere won’t harvest the inside, but in proximity of the outer layer

Alexandria would smile as Javier, River and Jordan set to work on building the houses, whilist, Alexandria and Sapphire unloaded the ships and Brooklyn watched over Young Sarah

“It is miraculous to see that Red Star once more” Alexandria muttered to herself so Sapphire couldn’t hear nor could anyone else


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