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Affirmative, Major Adams. An air strike is coming your way.

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May 17th, 1968, Khe Sahn, Vietnam. Major Joseph Reagan Adams is leading his squadron through the thick forests of Vietnam. The list of men in his squadron are as follows, from the highest rank to the smallest rank:

Major Joseph Reagan Adams (Born August 16th, 1942.)

Captain David Douglas Peterson (Born July 15th, 1945)

Master Sergeant John Stuart Lewis (Born December 14th, 1947)

Technical Sergeant Richard Thomas Williams (Born May 1st, 1947)

Staff Sergeant Ronald John Young (Born June 26th, 1948)

Corporal James Steven Henderson (Born January 13th, 1949)

Private First Class Michael Robert Reed (Born March 23rd, 1950)

Private First Class George Edward Cook (Born October 17th, 1950)

The squadron was wading themselves through the thick jungle grass, until Private First Class Reed stumbled upon a Vietnamese base. Major Adams quickly pulled Reed away from the base, and into cover behind the grass. Few Vietnamese soldiers heard the rustling in the grass, but they thought it was an animal, so they ignored it.

”What do you think you were doing?!” Major Adams says with gritted teeth in a silent tone, looking at PFC Reed.

”I-I didn’t know. I thought we were still walking.” PFC Reed looks up at Major Adams, clearly smaller than him. This got him the nickname “Shrimp” as he was the smallest guy in the squadron, only standing at 5’6.

”Perhaps we should infiltrate their base, sir.” Master Sergeant Lewis says, in a hushed tone.

”No, there’s too many of them, we need something else.” Major Adams said in a hushed tone, looking at MSgt Lewis.

”Maybe we call in an air strike, or something.” Staff Sergeant Young says in a hushed tone, looking at Major Adams.

”Yes. Perfect. Thank you Staff Sergeant. Williams, grab the radio. I’m going to call in an air strike.” Major Adams says, looking at SSgt Young, then to Technical Sergeant Williams.

”Yes sir.” TSgt Williams says to Major Adams, then taking a small radio out of his ruck sack, then handing it to Major Adams.

Major Adams takes the radio, and turns it on, then calling the nearby Marine Corps air base, telling them the coordinates to the Vietnamese base.

”Affirmative, Major Adams. An air strike is coming your way.” The radioman at the base replies to Major Adams.

Soon after the call, Major Adams tells his men to get out of the area, as the bombs were going to start falling soon.

Shortly after, Major Adams and his men found cover about 400 meters back, and the sound of jet engines filled the air. Major Adams looked up to see two F-4 Phantom II fighter bombers fly overhead. Soon after, bombs fell and the Vietnamese base was no more. Major Adams looked at the fireball as his men shouted in victory. He sighed, knowing more things like this would come in the future.


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