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After the candles are blown out…

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As each of the Hellifyno heroes (or anti-heroes) blow out the candles and return home, the orbs surrounding the planet BURSTS, spreading small, translucent particles all over the place. The particles would land on anything and everything, including people who may be out and about walking. The particles don’t hurt and don’t seem to have any affect. They begin to slowly, very slowly, absorb into whatever they had landed on. there is no damage or pain or discomfort. These particles could be air for all they appear to do…but appearances can be deceiving, and things are only just beginning. 

The particles are pure corruption. Over time, these particles would bring out the worst or darkest traits of a being. The aggressive find themselves with a shorter fuse, the avaricious find themselves taking more and more, and the proud find themselves more superior to others in their own minds. This corruption can be fought or embraced. Some may embrace an act of corruption only to regret it later. The corruption can manifest in many forms. it only depends upon the being themselves.  Lets hope some can fight it and realize how wrong it is…


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