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After The Void.. (Nation Reborn Arc) Chapter 4:Part 2

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Note:These are supposed be for only the viewing of citzens of Hagistead, after effects of Act 2 and 3, everything isn’t exactly the same

Guardian Enlistment Document 

Ratified – 208X

Removed – 209X

X – Alyssa Hageshi

X – Lily Sagestone

X – Natalia Pinkadow

Reenacted- 212X

As of May 212X, The Marchioness reenacted the Guardian Enlistment Document and rewrote it with the assistance of past teams members of her mom’s time

Guardian Services 

The Guardian does not only protect the people outside of the Guardians, but inside too, please be aware, that these benefits mostly effect your spouses and children / god-children

In the event of your death, spouses will not have to pay for burying them, they may intervene on where you are buried and spouses will have access to contacting the elites

Your kids will receive a chance to attend the colleges, as many of these families don’t have the chance to attend, they also will be welcomed to Guardian reuinons or celebrations

Terms Of Serving

The Guardian will not provide you with a full area to spread out, you will have a bunk bed and a bag and that’s it

You will be assigned to a unit or squadron, someone will sign below to notify you, that you will be working under them 

You must understand that anytime you can be relocated to one of these areas in the place

-The Isles Of Kasea

-The Federation Of Isa

-The Colony Of Third

You will perform with excellence and honor till you retire or pass away with honor, once you join

Sign Below

X – “____________ ______________”                                 (Enlister Name Printed)

X – “___________ _______________”                                 (Enlister Name Signed)

X – “____________ ______________”                                 (Commander Name Printed)

X – “___________ _______________”                                 (Commander Name Signed)

Yeliana’s Announcement – Alinta, Hagistead

“Sometimes things are forgotten about and I thought it would wonderful to actually talking about the old beach area that people wanted to forget about, this area includes The Cottage Hill and anything that should’ve been done for other areas” Yeliana stated softly with a smile

“So I’ve brought back the old area and started to bring back the original ideals of our past and history, as we built this land and we all need to be together” Yeliana stated 

“Which leads me to annouce that, people may now live on Isa and that the Nightmarish Ceatures may now live in the underground of Hagistead and we are bringing back the Chronicles Of Worlds and their tech” Yeliana said before the transmission shut off

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