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When the Heroes sucked Farzik into the glowing lamp, Havoc felt something inside himself snap. The brutal control of the Wyrm that consumed his heart and soul fell away like rusted fetters. 


He was free of the Wyrm. 

His soul soared, elated… until the next thought hit him. Jayden. His mate swore her soul into the Wyrm’s grasp for him, and now.. Now she would be all alone. 

Then there was no more time for thought. The Spiral started to crumble around him, exploding in on itself, and he was tumbling, falling… and expelled out into the desert of Nessus. His layer. He scrambled to his feet, and unthinkingly tried to flex his control over the layer to travel a great distance.

Nothing happened.

He tried again, and again, but to no avail. Panic spread through him and he began to run, shifting to the fiery crinos shape in order to eat up ground beneath his paws. He ran and ran, heading for an escape route he’d crafted for himself, hoping beyond hope that it would still be there.

His thoughts raced. Where should he go? What should he do? He is outcast from everything, everyone.. The Wyrm will destroy him if he cannot be controlled, and his friends will never accept him back, never trust him after the horrors he has inflicted. He runs and runs, wanting to just run forever, until he collapses.. but if he dies, will his soul go into the Wyrm’s hands? Will he even get a chance to be reborn?

Wracking his mind for a solution, he runs.. His escape tunnel is still there, he mindlessly squirms through it, shifting again to a plain wolf so he can fit through the tiny passage. The form reminds him of a possible source of help… one that will never turn its back on him.. His father.

Hardly realizing the trails his paws follow, he ends up at Aiden’s doorstep. 

Welcomed inside, he has barely shaken off his panic, barely begun to tell the story, when the demons descend… Against such a shrieking, howling mass, the two garou stand no chance even back to back, but they are not killed.. Instead they are taken captive. 


Cold iron shackles are clamped around his wrists, magically enhanced ice biting into his flesh, forcing him out of his crinos form and into the nearly helpless human state. The horde drags him away, his body ripped and bleeding. He groans as he is forced to watch his father similarly bound in silver…


No, no this can’t be happening.. he led them right to his father’s location.. how could he have been so stupid? The one person who might have helped him.. and it’s all his fault… all his fault again….. 


He hangs his head and closes his eyes, ready to give in to whatever tortures face him next. He deserves them all.

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