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Akago’s nine tail fox demon form

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Frighten, scared or upset all hell would brake loose. In this form Akago is very dangerous, standing at over 26ft. His nine tails are dangerous as they seem harmless. In this form his fur is orangish-red, his eyes black, his long razor sharp claws and teeth. At times he can be unstopable. Even in this form Akago can still use electricity, shadows, and the elements even including his chakra. with a single swipe from just one of its nine tails can create tsunamis and flatten mountains












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  1. Lightning 9 years ago

    Well, Annie you know I love you girl. However Lightning is a character from Final Fantasy, so there will be copyright issues if you use her, you can though make up a character LIKE Lightning if you do it right XD oh! and good luck with the story! <3

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