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Alathan is Cody’s son, born to him by Cody’s personal slave Aldus. Cody had used Aldus as a sexual toy and due to Hades using magic, Aldus was able to conceive a child. Cody’s child.

Alathan was born prematurely and was in medical care until he was three but Cody immediately doted on the boy while still treating Aldus like a tool. He did however, grant ‘mother’ to spend time with the boy but insisted that his heir be of higher rank than Aldus himself.

As such, when he was sixteen, Alathan was appointed as Mathius’ personal commander in the military and answered to only his step-father Mathius and father, Cody.

He loves his parents and step-father and does not dare go against them. He treats Aldus kindly and loves him as a son would love a parent. He seeks to protect his mother and often gets annoyed with the way his father treats Aldus as a result.

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