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All they do is bicker. They do not care about you.

  1. Alyssa Hageshi 1 month ago

    Message To Arom:Do Not Make Rumors About me and Don’t use my middle name to Broadcasts.
    I have no indent to hurt you or the Refugees,I’d rather help from afar.
    The Message I gave to you was a offer to help and a warning.

  2. Author


    Survivors of the Void….Early today a meeting was held on a remote planet. A meeting to talk about trade..though in reality in was a mix of a plan to stop the void as well as people holding you all as an economic hostages for supplies to keep the colonies from dwindling. The head on this meeting was from my last message

    Seavi Galea

    No one spoke for you..for the people that these plans revolved around they only bickered and argued calling people cowards and Was a plan to save you from the void made? No it was not. It only created selfish arguements between these…..”unified” people.

    Thes are your leaders…these are you heroes…the people you depend on and My warnings have still gone ignored. In my last message i spoke to you all that you had to rise and take matters into your own hands. Time is running down quickly.

    There is a number of you who agree with me that something must change. It is your duty….No…It is your right to make a change. Speak up or others will speak for you and only within their interest.

    Now..I have another message. I have received a transmission from a Alyssa Hageshi Formly known as Alyssa “Stephanie” Diercedrath. She is The hier to the Hageshi Clan. She has chosen to makes threats to me…To the Cybrin And in all truth to You…The message is as fallows…

    “Short Message to Arom
    Alyssa:If you wish to sit around and praise others,then do so..but I suggest you do from a safe point. Because If you actually wanna fight for Hellifyno’s Wastelands and Solar System…Then You Better have a plan and Stay out the Hakisuru Alliance Broadcast Channels.”

    She is willing to force me to cut off all of the refugees she is willing to harbour from the truth. The truth that Dreams and hopes are the ideal of a child who can not face the cold reality around them. I do not plan to stop my broadcasts ….
    So my messager to the Skymoon family and the Hageshi Clan, and also to those who have sought safety at the Planet:Cadenziera. You must take a stand Do not let such fragile ideals and motives lead you destruction.

    I am the speaker of Us…The We…The One…I am Arom

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