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Alone and Bleeding

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   After a flash, Brad appears in what appears to be a large supercity. He sighs in relief. Using a new type of brain-to-computer connection, Brad has worked hard to build and refine a special generator. One which creates a world, based on what is happening in one’s brain. This “mindscape”, if you will, can tell one various things about what their mind is up to. Finally, Brad has been able to enter his mindscape, using this special technology that he has built. He never would’ve imagined that he could get this to work – yet here Brad is, in his little world.
   This mindscape seems to sum up Brad’s mind into a huge city. It’s advanced, modern, large, meticulous, and made with great taste. Yet, nobody seems to walk through its spotless streets, modern buildings, and hidden corners. The weather always seems to be rainy, gloomy, and at times, quite stormy. The place is insanely well-stocked with architectural marvels and places to explore, and is jaw-droppingly advanced – but it’s lonely. Very lonely. In fact, Brad is the only one to walk through it… or so it seems. The peace and quiet is soothing beyond words for someone like him. It seems that the owl walks these quiet streets alone; a lone bit in an empty circuit board. As he trudges along an empty block, surrounded by modern, lit skyscrapers, he wonders if he’ll ever get to see his city with happy citizens. Brad feels so alone. So small. It seems that his mind is quite empty, lonely and sad – his mind might be depressed.
   However… something has been lurking around this whole time; a hidden and malicious powerhouse sent by none other than Ruby Bloodfang. She has provided a team of 12; a force focused on one thing: Get the bird. By duplicating Brad’s technology, they’ve found a way to enter Brad’s sad world. This crew of 12 armoured soldiers is on a bird hunt – however, it’s not the meat they’re after…
  Suddenly, Brad hears gunshots. He keeps walking normally, a little unsettled – it must be his PTSD acting up. But, those gunshots are close. In addition, he can hear the concrete deflecting bullets behind him. It isn’t until his force field begins to deteriorate that he realizes something – he’s being shot at with .308 rounds. Thankfully, Brad’s mind has provided a force field to protect him – but just like a mind, the force field has its breaking point. And after those gunshots which would’ve hit his wing, it’s almost gone. Just a few more shots and he’d be exposed! The bird takes flight, his force field being broken a few seconds later. He propels himself like a rocket before crashing into a skyscraper window and out the other side. The windows regenerate themselves in blue flashes. For now, it seems that he’s made his escape…
   This moment of peace would not last long, however, as a number of red dots appear on Brad’s chest. It seems that these are laser sights on guns – but who can be sure? Besides, Brad doesn’t even notice them… and if an owl can’t notice a threat, is it really a threat at all?
   In a sudden burst of pain, Brad is thrown violently out of flight. It all just… happens. There’s no warning, and no chance to dodge anything. There is a spray of blood as a flurry of 50 caliber bullets hit him in the chest, neck, and belly areas. His beautiful white feathers are stained a crimson hue as he begins to bleed heavily. He may not be able to die in his own “mindscape”… but this hurts. He falls for what seems like 30 seconds, and… slam. He hits the ground hard. The poor owl has landed in a little plaza, completely encased in a wall of skyscrapers. Some ribs are broken, as are both wings. His skull has cracked, and his backbone is suffering. The bones and nerves would begin to heal right away, but the pain doesn’t subside. Not until he can get to a hospital in this sad, lonely world. The heavy rain soaks Brad’s fluffy plumage, as does the heavy bleeding from those bullets. On his back with his wings in a slightly open position, Brad bleeds and hurts – both physically and emotionally. Is this suicide? Is his mind… hurting him? He tears up at the thought of hurting himself again. He’s already gone through the gruesome darkness of suicide, and it’s something he’ll never get out of his head. The sadness still hurts him today. Little does the poor owl know that he’s being attacked by a military force – something that will surely bring tears to his eyes when he realizes it. No amount of tears of sadness will help him in this situation. The owl tries not to think about the pain, and how stuff like this was self-inflicted and part of everyday life not long ago… but there’s only so much he can ignore. Shocked and desolated, Brad begins to cry softly. Tears fall, easily blending in with the heavy rain. It seems that his agonizing sorrow actually affects his world, as it suddenly becomes gloomier and the rain intensifies. After a moment, a group of regular-sized, sentient Snowy Owls fly down to Brad – they can’t help him heal, but they can help him cheer up. The owls begin to attempt to comfort Brad, being cute and cuddly. Brad lifts one of them and hugs it to his chest softly, weeping silently with his little friend. The little owl wraps its wings around Brad, in an attempt to hug its large, injured foe. The other owls cuddle with him as well. They too begin to cry, worried and saddened by the state of their creator.
   As Brad weeps, a frustrated soldier unloads a full 12-round clip onto Brad. “Shut up, you fucking child,”, they shout. “You’re a bird of prey, act like it!” There is another spray of blood and a surge of pain for Brad. The crew, after injuring Brad brutally, is taking the time to confront the owl. After taking those shots, Brad begins to worry. Do they hate him? The poor owl sheds even more tears now, realizing that there will be no sympathy for him – not even in his own world. Will he ever be loved? Maybe not. For once, Brad is willing to admit that he’s not okay. He doesn’t even hear the soldiers say their final goodbyes before they teleport away without a trace. And now he’s alone, dying, and afraid. He bleeds heavily now – the blood seems to be never-ending. His level of sorrow and agony is like an ordinal number – you’d think it’s impossible to reach from below. He is so devastated, in fact, that his sadness attracts the attention of more sentient Snowy Owls. In a mere moment, there are 10 owls hugging, cuddling, and comforting him with love. Brad’s little friends are soon crying with him, in shock after seeing this happen to their creator. Brad is itching for some help or even just sympathy from more than just his imaginary friends – but those needs are hopelessly unfulfilled. His cries are completely muffled out by the heavy rainfall, and it’s not like there’s anybody to respond to him.
   And now, there will be nobody to help him. The poor owl is alone and bleeding in his own world, literally aching for someone loving enough to come and mend his wounds. He’s weeping alone as he bleeds and hurts, helplessly isolated; trapped in his own creation. It seems that this beautiful and promising bird… is lost forever.
Or is he?

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