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Am *I* Pretty?…

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Scales gleams in the dim light of the room. She hisses and flicks out her forked tongue at the mirror in disgust. Horrible. Simply dreadful. The small girl wonders how she ended up to look like a freak show. In her disgust, she punches the mirror and it breaks on impact. Hisses in pain as it bleeds. The hissing sounds more like a snake. The girl holds her hand close to her as it bleeds for a little before it stops. A sigh escapes her lips before she giggles and stomps her foot on the ground.

“I’m ugly…” The girl said sadly as she looks down at herself. “Even he’ll never want someone like myself… Just look at this abomination!”

The scaly girl stomps around. Her neko ears are flatten against her skull and her tail swishes in anger as well as a growing stub right next to it. Once she reaches the end of the room with the wall, she head bangs against it as hard as she could. She bruises and bleeds before falling backwards. Giggle and cry before flailing and screaming as loudly as her two lungs can. The minions, Inky and Blinky, enters the room with a needle. With her mixed-matched eyes, the girl glances to the, especially the needle. She gratefully and greedily takes the syringe, and holds it tightly to her.

“Oh, yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you so, so, so, so, so, so much!” The scaly neko exclaims in pure happiness. 

She sits up and kisses each of them on the lips before skipping off to a different room, giggling. She gets to the different and unoccupied room, she injects the needle into herself and shoots up. The girl lets out a gasp of pure happiness and pleasure. The girl pulls out the needle and throws it to the wall as she laughs in glee. 

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  1. Kamaria Caine 9 years ago

    *Nods solemnly, but respectfully* I understand  

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