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Amending Act I-Natalie Pinkadow [HAGISTEAD LAW]

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Author’s Note:This is meant to address the powers of government officials, the laws made by Senshi Hakisuru and His Ancestors, Mikayla Skymoon’s add-ons and what Alyssa and Natalie Interpret them to be (Act IIII will be amended later)



Drafted:AUGUST 28TH 20XX (Before The Void Crisis)

Signed into Law:June 1st 20XX


Powers Of The Orginal

Head Of The Clan-The Current Ruler/Ruleress, the one who delegates the new roles and powers of the official members of the clan.

The Ruler is the strongest in Old Terms or the most logical choice for the Hier

Shogun-This is a little more vague with powers but this one was brought by Alyssa who renamed it to Sire who manages the Guards and Armed Forces.

However there is no direct Hier, it’s more indirect like The Hier’s Spouse would become the next

Kitsune-This is usually the one, who logs the events or other things that the ruler/Ruleress has done. The Kitsune is the Vice Ruler/Ruleress in the event that the Ruler or Ruleress is assasinated or dies if the Hier is not old enough which is (13 but in normal situations it’s 21)

But the overriding rule is that Kitsune is the God-Parent Of The Hier and his or her Slibbings but may not set the ruling down his or her own line of Succession.

Delegations (By Mikayla & Alyssa)

Alligner Of Hakisuru Alliance

Orginally this was actually supposed to be just for Hagistead with Lacie as our representative, but then we had a shift when we went to Cadzenziera she became the world’s representative.

Which means she/he is granted the right to elect other worldly representatives (Were still in process of choosing one for Hellifyno [Chirstina Harbour and Other Allies on there]) 

Academistress (Adoption Of The Pinkadow Forces)

The Academistress which is me as I’m writing this, the powers in which I am granted are the right to the newly adopted guard and assets. The right to train and assign roles for example Admiral Firewing and Guard Fowl.

My Powers also extend that I am the one who can say what laws get signed into Law and check the other acts put in

The Head Sciencist

Now this one doesn’t follow a line of Succession as the current one [Leah Blossom] plans to leave Hagistead and go to Jadia Bay, this role just theories about potential events and sometimes even suggests doing something based on pure science of Cadzenziera.

The Next Hier To This Position is unclear and will be decided upon who steps up

The Priestress

Currently this is the Ruler’s Sister, who decides the fate or assists with the fate of those who have committed crimes basically there judges.

He/She also decides where the body will be buried if brought to her [Exp: Amelia’s Honor Memorial, Celine’s Burial] She also chooses which realm they be sent to if not allowed in the Spiritual Realm Of Elders

Roles In Drafting

The Maid Of Healing 

Now this is one of the things still in drafting, but basically since we had the recent death of Celine N. Hunters..The Hunters Cooperation was turned into the Health Department Of Las Vegas Clinic.

The Permission who controls this is unclear at the moment and is still in works

The Executive Of Education

This one is like the Healer, this one was proposed by The Priestress who’s partner would start the first school in Hagistead. However no knows if it’ll be in Lucyrus Creek or somewhere else

The Historian Of The Archives

Now this one was proposed by the logs indirectly, but the most potential person would be Lin O’Romeo/Skymoon. Who would keep all the records of the Pinkadow Purchase and Hagistead under his or her watch.

There would be a line of Succession if the first one confirms it

IC Note:This does invalidate any roles proposed by other Acts as this document must be ammended again before such thing were to happen




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