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An Accident with the Sloth

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There was an accident yesterday after I had last written, it was sudden and I have been well watched since.  Not like a prisoner more like a cub that they are not sure will make it, when in the end I see this as minor if not heart breaking.  Ok let me start from the beginning I decided to play it big and bad and go into a one on one with the while leopard seal that had been hauled in I thought it pretty well dead but was wrong.  In fox form I rushed the darn thing and he came up snapping well needless to say my left eye is no longer there.  HE scrapped right across my face, the healing salve took care of most of the scarring but the eye is gone I am not sure how to take this in right now.  A part of my heart is just broken I loved my eyes and with one gone I just.  Lost I guess is a good word.  Today one of the warriors took me out and sent me through drills making sure I started to learn how to work with just one eye, I have a huge blind spot now and it is harsh.  Our lead warrior turned me over his knee he was beyond livid that I had done such a thing.  Discipline in the sloth is hard to take in, I now have 3 scars running across my upper right shoulder blade in the shape of a triangle for my “Transgressions” against the sloth.  They place salve upon them but the initial placement hurt like a……. witch!  Afterwards I laughed with my brothers for my first discipline.  I feel as though I am truly one of them now even without my eye!  In the end I think things will be just fine!

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