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An angel walks into a bar

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Once upon a time a fox met a vole and the fox ate the vole and when that kind of thing happens, there are consequences.

Down in the offices of karma and fate agents were informed and dossiers were assigned and marked off. It was a big deal.

Because of that one of the angels of better faith wasn’t able to get home in time to host her daughters 13,000 birthday party, which resulted in a fight.

Later that night, that angel started getting drunk.

In a moment of spite and hate, she started to create a world, a world that she called earth. She put all of her hate and anger and nastiness into it…

And then it exploded. And a shard caught her in the eye. She screamed, clutching at her face, blood flying everywhere.

That’s when she realized, she was an angel, this was ridiculous.

From that day on the angels of Twine have hated foxes. They have hunted them down, seeking them out. There is a secret war going on, and an extermination happening right beneath our noses.

Please help. Please give. $5 is all it takes to kill a fox and save an angel today.

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