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An announcement and a message to the Bloodmoons

  1. (Um Yeah didn’t understand a word that said as I the writer is hearing impaired )

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      “Greetings everyone. The cybren Empire has formed an alliance withe GSE and the Skymoon/Hagistead families. We are glad to announce these negations have gone peacefully. But, There is one family in particular that we wish to speak to.

      The Bloodmoons. Noctis Bloodmoon…your family has repeatedly ignored our attempts to negotiate. One member in particular…Sephiroth Bloodmoon has been aggressive with our messanger. The empress does not take kindly when one of her Enoys is treated in such a matter. But the Empress is merciful. She will give the bloodmoons one chance to fix the situation. Let us hope The bloodmoons does not squander this mercy as it could lead to war. I am the voice of the Empress. I am arom.”
      End of message

  2. Snow 1 month ago

    I am confusion

  3. //Noctis appears to Arom. // ” I apologize for my absence and my little brother’s aggressiveness, he has a double personality where one is insane. ( Sephiroth is a Multi character as he is also the FF7 Sephiroth as well aka the insane one.) Usually, he is not like that and is quite reserved and peaceful. I will have a word with him when he returns. We are a peaceful city that has seen enough of war I hope we can work things out.” // Noctis says to Arom //

  4. Cloud appears before Arom and Noctis in a flame teleport. ” Well, I just got a pleasant visit by a GSE Sovereign guard. That that they will be watching the Bloodmoons from the shadows and will attack us if things are not settled. I know you didn’t send him Arom. I don’t even think his Empress sent him either. We want this to be peaceful but GSE has to back off and stay away from the Bloodmoons for that to happen. ” Cloud says to Arom as calmly as he could even after being annoyed.

  5. // Noctis exhales at what his youngest brother had said . // ” Well something has to be done about this Sovereign Guard. As I had spoken to Sephiroth and he said that it wasn’t him it was the insane one and he said that not once did he threaten you. If he was aggressive he doesn’t remember. so I think that should be enough of that. I know that you want me and my city as an ally but the thing with the GSE is putting a hold on that. We will talk once the matter with GSE is dealt with.” // Noctis says to Arom. //

  6. Author

    It is true i did not send any request to GSE to act on this matter I shall speak to Thier Empress about this Sovereign before this becomes a three sided political debacle

    • Lacie Moore 1 month ago

      | Transmission to Arom Directly | “Greetings Arom, We are glad that Empress appreciated how we handled things. Hagistead has offered to let both you and the empress in there fair settlement to make up for old things” | Notice:This Transmission is Subject To Cadzenziera Law, Strictly For Arom “The Voice Of C Empire” if you are NOT Atom please stop reading now |

    • ” Thank you, and then we can continue our negotiations. ” // Noctis says to Arom. //

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