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An Apple

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Why try something when you know nothing is going to come out of it?

Why continue, when nothing is showing for your perseverance?

Why fight, when you don’t even know what you’re against?

Why be, when your very existence is a mistake?


Morbid, yeah, but this is the very purpose of this story. Of my story.

For a world like this, so right and fantastic, it’s a wonder how something like myself is still allowed in it. No, I’m not some mellowing lowlife, bent on some pathetic thought that I’m not worth anything. I’m not here to babble on about how life sucks and all that bullhockey.

In fact, the questions I asked weren’t in a tone of despair, but of actual bewilderment. Saying I’m Blessed, is an understatement.

That doesn’t mean I still don’t look at things with a down cast glance.



Warm, relaxed air with light and earthy scents of wild grass and soft clay. A playful breeze dances about, skipping and rolling in the grass, making the green life hiss and shake in slight annoyance at it’s disturbance. Even with closed eyes, the bright sun lights my vision, the large tree I rest beneath not doing much in it’s job of providing shade. Who am I to get grumpy over it, though? It was nice to let the warmth relax my body.

Of course nature always had to throw a wake up call at me in odd and small ways. Usually ways that hurt. In this form, it happened to drop an apple on my head. No, seriously.

“Ack” I winced and sat up, looking about myself to see where my sudden discomfot had come from. With furrowed brows, I spotted a rather bright red apple laying suspiciously off to my side. I peered up at my resting companion, the large apple tree swaying in the breeze as if it hadn’t a thing to do with this small assault. I snorted at it, as if it were going to say something.

I shrugged the pain off, it wasn’t a big deal, anyway. Instead I took the little strike as an offering instead, taking the apple and biting a good chunk from the fruit. One always forgets how a simple apple can be the perfect source of juice and food all at once. It was those times that I cherished. Simplicity. Warmth, and an apple.

Who knew cloud’s shadows would come by and pull me out of that?

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