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And We All Fall Down…..

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æ Irél Norre æ 
Avælyn lead them through the portal. Once they would step free of the shimmering silvery gateway. Irel, who stood in her usual resplendant robes of gossamer black. The thin, elegant silver chains that wove over her wrists seemed to move on their own. She wore a a small tiara in her waist length dark hair. (


(110kB) ) Irel stood at her Throne and greeted her daughter with a very slight nod, knowing she would know to step aside.  
The portal had opened into a grand audience chamber, one that was decorated with hand woven tapestries depicting ancient battles, wars, and some celebrations. There were some smaller ones that held moonlit scenes, some of Irel’s favoured places in this world and there was even one of Hellifyno. A pathway of dark carpet lined the way from the Gateway to the Throne. The carpet seemed to have a life of its own. Silver stars formed upon it, grew and seemed to end before being reborn once more. Irel was her place standing at the throne, her daughter by her side. Guards stood at attention lining the way to the Queen. Tension sang in the air.
Each of the Families had Elves that stood in the Guards and not simply to protect the Queen. Some had insisted simply to ensure they had eyes and ears within the Royal household, spies were hardly uncommon. While Irel would have preferred to choose whom stood here this day, she had not been able. It was known that the Princess was returning and of course even those not involved in the threats of Rebellion had wanted to ensure they were not left out.   The Guards stood tall and silent, wearing thin, golden armor bearing the crest of Irel, a silver crescent moon on a sea of black. All held a spear, base of which pressed to the floor. They were unadorned weapons, meant to be used and not just for show. All faces were hidden behind golden helms but their eyes could be seen. They were an opposing sight. Once the new comers would enter this room, they would feel the magick that ran thick in this world, caressing over the skin but nothing more. Irel awaited her visitors.
Arjun Nejem
Zatrion has escorted the princess himself, as _he is_ that familiar face in a crowd of strangers that has come to accompany such precious being. Yet among the party of seasoned Ghaliards there is one in particular to stand out. He is not the first to enter the Grand Chamber, but neither is he the last.
Un-armored, crown-less king, with no trims to garner status or speak of power, robed as simply as the next. A tall man carved in stone-cold marble, wheat-blond hair, frost-bitten eyes that are as sharp as they are biting, and yet the subtle smile drawn on his lips bares all the warmth the rest of him lacks; you could argue it fox-like, or rather sly.
He stops just before Irel as his men deploy with the same exhaustive diligence for purposes she may soon understand.
“Saesa omentien lle, Tari,,” He says, “Pleasure meeting you, Queen.” Offers her a mild bow of his head and nothing more. “I am Arjun. The Bright King of Ghalihafiz. I thank you for having us.” (edited)
æ Irél Norre æ 
Irel watched as they approached, Zatrion given a smile in thanks for protecting her rather wayward daughter. However, soon her eyes are drawn to him, the tall man seemingly cast from marble itself, eyes unlike any she had ever seen before. She was a little surprised at the size of the group but once he speaks, it makes complete sense. The Bright King himself. She betrayed no surprise at this development yet the small gasps of surprise that come from some of the guards speaks volumes. Indeed, their commander, Elaith, gave them all a dark look which quelled the sounds rather quickly
She inclined her head slightly, lifting one arm to press her wrist against her heart as she did so. “I bid you welcome and greetings, Bright King.” She lowered her hand now, silver flecked black eyes watching his face as she continued. “Welcome to the city  Elirion, our capital. I have rooms prepared for your party as I believe it may be best for us to speak in some semblance of privacy.” Her own Guards stood a little more straight at her words.
-Where bright is the King of Ghalihafiz, dark is his shadow, a mere whisper behind him as he entered the grand space. Clad in dark robes and metals of armor more a delicate weave of mesh upon her pale flesh. Behind her stream a small ensemble of guards, moving to stand respectfully behind the line of golden clad guardians in quiet repose as both King and Guard present themselves.- “Oio naa elealla alasse’, Tari. Ever is thy sight a joy, Queen.” -Her head remained lowered respectfully, eyes at the ready in case their situation should turn sour. The nature of this planet was precarious, and as his shadow she would serve her duty true to keep order.-
Arjun Nejem
Although his own are meant to remain in Eliot, him, on the other hand, is not. His time here is valuable and quite brief, and while a lot has been brought to his understanding and he’s more than one question for the queen to answer, he’s not the mind for long-lasting pleasantries, “If privacy troubles you. I can afford you such thing, Tari.”
“In this very place where we stand.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
She inclined her head once more to Vyria. It made sense for the Bright King to have someone to travel with him. She did have Elaith. Once more those eyes fell upon the King. She had hoped he would agree yet, it would matter little. She could do the same but to have her exclude the other families would be disastrous. So, she made a decision. Her people had heard of of this world, Ghalihafiz, and would perhaps think twice about attacking a distant world. Even for her son. So, she shook her head and descended from the throne to stand on even ground with the Bright King. Folding her hands before her, she spoke. “It is not needed, I am sure.” She said with a bright smile. “I understand your time is precious and I shall not keep you long. I have a request to ask of you.” She paused and considered the better words to use. “We are in troubled times here. There has been an attempt with the promise of more against the life of my Son. As we are a world alone, I have nowhere to send him to ensure he is safe. It was suggested that perhaps I could ask you for this aid.” Her eyes flicked to Zatrion and Ava for only a second before alighting on the male before her. “Would such a thing be possible? At least for the time it takes for me to track the person responsible?”
“Be antha, be watchful.” – Came the silken tone,  clear blue gaze wandering over both sets of guards. Her King and the Queen of this world would speak freely in this space. The accompanying guards all bowed their heads, showcasing they heard clearly. A keen eye was drawn towards Irel as she moved closer to Arjun, monitoring each step in the habitual motion of a woman entrenched in the line of duty. Far be it from her to acquiesce her alertness even in the presence of those asking for aide.-
Arjun Nejem
[12:31 AM] 
“We, of course, accepted your son as our own.” But he is not a bleeding heart that extends a hand without consequence, “I am already complying to such request, but do answer to me this question. Were you willing to abdicate to spare your daughter from her fate?” The Bright King, for the briefest moment, cast the uncanny blue of his eyes on Ava. “I am woefully aware of your delicate circumstance. But I am of course willing to further listen like I haven’t heard none.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
[12:35 AM] 
The shift of the Guards spoke volumes. There had been whispers of course but nothing that was fully revealed. Irel took a breath and stood a touch straighter. “I did. I offered my throne to spare my daughter the fate of marrying someone she did not love.” Someone who hated her, Irel know. What Duvainor’s endgame was, she was not sure, only that it included Ava. “I was refused. The male in question is adamant that he desires my daughter at seemingly any price.” Again, that rustle through the ranks. Some were loyal to Irel but there were others who were not, who served their own ends and their family’s desires.
[12:45 AM] 
-This sort of ramshackle game of ring-a-round-the-rosy was not new to Vyria. With a leader like Arjun, plenty of whispers had run rampant. Tension crackled as information flew abound freely, enlightening some, disparaging others. No matter. She was here for one purpose. Order. And by the grace of Gaia she would have it.- “Mallen pelu e’ n’alaquel en’ sen.” -A clear indication of pressure from behind the golden clad guards, their own shadows falling in line behind them as echoes of the woman who shadowed their king. Those in favor or not would surely feel the watchful eyes upon them. There would be no opportunity for a mockery to be made of this meeting, no inclination offered to step out of line by a soul who felt the need to make their dissonance known.-
Arjun Nejem
[12:51 AM] 
“mmm..” Is an intone that expresses a certain inclination as he measures the Monarch standing in front of him with the passivity of a creature who’s already outlined fate and has brought nothing but the courtesy of something that offers choice before the guillotine, “Abdicate in my favor and I will make all of this go away as fast as it takes me to say — _Ndengina sen_”
“Your daughter will have choice. But you and yours… will have to leave. With me.”
[12:55 AM] 
-Bated breath was released, a silent motion from behind each guard clad in darkened armor in swift repose as steel and dagger, hands and knife lash out to strangle, stab and crush limbs and organs in various motions of attack. The guards in front of them each had a personal killer, and only the quickest and bold would stand a chance at surviving the initial onslaught.-
Arjun Nejem
[12:56 AM] 
“If you are so quick to lose your crown, perhaps is best that you not have it.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:00 AM] 
There was an uproar at those words. Immediate anger that even Elaith had trouble to stifle. Irel lifted one hand, her dark eyes still on Arjun as her mind whirled. One of Duvainor’s family, a Guard, had dared step one foot forward. He said nothing, just glared at them both. Irel, ignored him. She wished she could tell him, she did not want the throne. She had only taken it to make it easier to band the people together to save their damn world. And now, she was stuck here. But to leave her homeworld, that she had given so much blood and tears to save? What of the families that had supported her? She knew Duvainor would punish them. Would he lead the world to ruin? Undo everything that she and Jarad had fought so hard to restore. Her eyes flicked to the man who stood slightly apart from the others before returning her gaze to Arjun. “I do not think so. I will not leave my world.” Her eyes moved to catch Ava’s, praying she would understand. Tension lowered very slightly as she spoke. “But I do thank you for the offer.”
Arjun Nejem [1:05 AM] 
“I do not believe you have an option.” She may be completely fucking blind to what’s happening on the surroundings, even though it is rather clear that the heads of her Guards and the families from her company are being quite frankly slaughtered in this very halls they are tanding, which truly, surprises the Bright King to no end. “I am not asking for permission. I am telling you to abdicate.”
“And for your sake, in the following months, I require you to remain in exile.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:08 AM] 
Her jaw clenched. “Fine. Cease the slaughter. And I will do as you demand.” Her eyes sought her daughter’s somewhere behind the mass of beings. She could not turn to see Elaith but prayed to Gaia that he still stood. That he was one of the few that managed to fight back. Exile.. again.. once more…
[1:12 AM] 
“sana none e’a lye hands, Ndengina sen ilya, Take none into your hands, kill them all.” -Silent and steadfast had the shadow of the King been, so blinding his light that the dark behind had become absolute. Lips part, hands moving in a motion nearly too swift to see to rest in front of her. Her musical tone is utterly quiet, yet fills the space as a well of flame begins to lick the air at her hands. She would not cease save the plea of one and one only. Irel’s words fell upon her deaf ears, the attack continuing as she spread her hands wider, the flames expanding as they drew out in lines towards those who still lived among the guards, heating the plates of their golden armor to begin the slow process of a death that had not graced them from the first wave of attacks.-
Arjun Nejem
[1:12 AM] 
“Tampa. Ela sen” It is an unperturbed and tranquil order he gives with just as much ease as he’s ordered the  first. “Take the few you care for the most. We will give you solace, you’ll remain in a high status, Child of Light.”
“Do not fret, do not mourn.”
“I can redeem.”
[1:14 AM] 
-At once the flames cease, her hands drawing to her sides as she bows her head towards Arjun. The men at the throats of others stepping back like a breath of fresh air-
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:15 AM] 
Her eyes were filled with tears of rage and pain. But she gave a curt nod before turning to see whom still stood. Duvainor’s brother stood, barely, and she walked past him, selected the other three who remained. A hand was pressed to them, one at a time as she wove the spell to heal them the best she could, Elaith, thankfully, was among the three. He squeezed her shoulder as he moved past her and she tended the other two. There had not been many guards a dozen and a half but to have only three… Her eyes found Duvainor’s brother once more and she spat at his feet as she passed him by. “You will not slay who remains in this castle nor the city…” Her throat was tight. “Please…”
Arjun Nejem
[1:26 AM] 
“I will slay whomever I see fit. This place is full of chaos and disorder, of subverted subjects. You might have been a good and benevolent ruler, but I am a necessary evil, Tari. I do what I must.” He’s followed her with his gaze, his hands remain at his back, he could possibly mend most of the fallen, but she lets her own the pleasure. And there’s that minute instant where the recognition of Duvainor is brought to his attention by Irel’s personal disdain. The view, is rare, and the brother’s struggles against his own hand becomes real, for it is by it that a dagger is brought to his throat and held against his will a whisper away from cutting. “I do not tolerate rebellions. I cut them off from the root.”
“Vyria. Send your men to the households. Clean Duvainor’s lineage and set them as a fair example.”
In the meantime, Zatrion has remained stoically besides Ava, his heavy hand squeezing his sympathy on her shoulder.
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:30 AM] 
“Then you shall need to slay this bastard and his brother.” She snarled, her rage clear in her eyes as she stared at Dínendal,” But then she heard him relay the order. “Your brother should have simply been happy with what he had. He had more than most… ” She nudged the other two guards to join Elaith but she would watch him fall. After all the pain and horror they had caused, she would watch him die.
Ava watched in stunned horror, her eyes wide as everything she had ever known was being wiped away…
Arjun Nejem
[1:36 AM] 
Nothing but Irel’s words sufficed for the brother to slash a clean cut on his own throat as a scream of horror dimmed its pitch into an irrecognizable sound of torn chords and blood-choked gargles. Plenty stabs followed in the ghoulish spray of his own hand committing to an assisted suicide, never stopping until he fell cold at her feet.
“And now he has nothing.”
“And you.. need to leave.”
[1:37 AM] 
-The stoic woman nods her head towards Arjun, lips parting to send the men in the shadows on their way. There was little sensation of empathy for those who were to die in the coming moments, all that mattered were the words of the Bright King.- “Lle merna aut farien? Go. Hunt as you will.” – Half of those assembled strode from the room, leaving a strong commission behind to ensure and safeguard that which rightfully fell under his eye. Blue eyes locked upon the male showering pretty in red, quiet features hushed in a near reverent gaze upon the calamity of his demise.-
Arjun Nejem
[1:37 AM] 
“Because this will get ugly.”
“I welcome you to join your son.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:39 AM] 
She whispered something under her breath, a curse. Then, she looked up at Arjun. “My husband is off world. He will be able to come to us?” She stood before him, hating the fact that she was doing this.. Everything she tried to save… Now she wondered if she should have even bothered. “I have ways to contact him. And.. what of Ava?”
Arjun Nejem
[1:40 AM] 
“He will be. When he arrives he’ll be informed, but if you can, better.”
“Of course Ava is more than welcomed, Nandi has a fondness for her.”
“All of you are under our protection. You’ve my word.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:44 AM] 
She nodded once before slipping past him. Irel felt trapped in the same nightmare, the one that had plagued her since she escaped to Hellifyno all those years past. Suddenly, she paused a moment…. One hand slipped into one of the many pockets she had and withdrew a piece of parchment. She whispered a few words which appeared upon the paper. Turning, she handed it to him. “These are the five families that stood with me when we cleansed this world of the evil that had overrun it. These are the ones who tried to help me save it, to make it better than it was before. I hope you would give them consideration.”
Arjun Nejem
[1:52 AM] 
“Of course.” He grabbed the parchment and just as quickly it was handed back to his shadow, he didn’t care to look at it, he didn’t have to, “I am not a destroyer, Tari.” He offers her a smile that’s not devoid of sympathy, “As I said before, I merely do what I have to.”
“I believe you can understand.”
[1:55 AM] 
-It was a fluid motion, as if his arm had extended back just at the right moment for the parchment to be taken. Blue eyes wander briefly over the list, though she made no motion to amend her earlier order. What needed to be done would be done, anything extra needing certain attention would be attended to personally as time allowed-
æ Irél Norre æ 
[1:58 AM] 
She could.. “Sometimes just being Good.. Is not enough to best the darkness.” She whispered and turned away, her hand reaching for her daughter’s. To her surprise, Ava shook her head and moved a step closer to Zatrion. Irel nodded once and moved to stand with Elaith and the two remaining guards.
Arjun Nejem
[2:09 AM] 
“Very well.” He considers he’s gifted them enough time, “I need you all to reestablish yourselves in Ghali, where do you wish to reside will be your choice to make. I will make sure that you are tended to and catered with everything you need and more. You may keep a title of nobility.”
“Ava, I return to you your life. You can choose your own path. I believe Nandi would love to have you.”
He had no need to cross a single word with Vyria, she already knew what to do and how to establish herself as the regent.
æ Irél Norre æ 
[2:13 AM] 
Irel nodded. For now that would do. Maybe at some point, she would be able to make herself useful, to assist with something. Her hands remained folded before her for a moment, before she lifted one and removed the tiara from her own head. Moving to the throne, she set it on the seat and took a deep breath. Maybe a new home was what she had should have done and just left this world to what it was…. With a shake of her head, she moved back to Elaith and patted his arm.
Ava, lifting those tear filled eyes to Arjun, spoke. “I have promised two friends I would help them. So, I would see that done before I choose to go anywhere.” She was not sure what to make of this Bright King. He had just had some of her people slaughtered, some who had done nothing wrong… and more would fall this night she knew…. Part of her wanted to speak out against it but what could she do? Her hand slipped into Zatrion’s, if he would allow it of course.
[2:13 AM] 
-Silent the observer now, falling back into his shadow until the moment at hand was complete.-
Arjun Nejem
[2:24 AM] 
Zatrion took the elf’s hand and gave to it a  small squeeze of reassurance. The Bright King, on the other hand, had nothing left to say on the matter, and his depart was as abrupt as it was subtle, there were no further courtesies spent, only but a last knowing glance shared between him and his commanders, and just as fast.. he was nowhere to be seen, as though he has never been there at all to begin with.
æ Irél Norre æ 
[2:31 AM] 
Both Elves watched him leave in silence. Irel gave her daughter a nod but paused to hug her tightly before stepping through the gate with her remaining three guards. Ava, however, would stare at the floor, fighting tears. She would not allow herself to seem weak here, in front of these people.
[2:33 AM] 
-The parchment in hand was balled up tightly, coiling and shriveling in hand as the flames from earlier slowly returned to life. Without the presence of the King, her visage was dark as pitch. Raven hair and stormy blue eyes were cool as they raked over the beautiful interior filled with felled bodies. The woman knew who to spare, her gracious leader had offered the tari en’ i’ past the option of choosing those she wished kept off her chopping block. A wave of hand sent the quiet flames outward in arches, reaching like grabbing hands to devour the garbage laying waste to the freshly christened extension of her home world.- “Go, Zatrion. Take Ava. I will continue his work.”
“Amin lirilla claim nu ho elee, I lay claim under his eye.”
Arjun Nejem
[3:09 AM] 
Zatrion is as much a figure of authority, stoic and unwavering, with the same coolly countenance as his chief, he hasn’t bat a lash to the events unfolding, but he keeps himself available as requested to Ava, “Yes, my lady.” Like he did before in the tavern, he offered the elf the bent of his arm, a gentle smile, and a mild gesture of his hand towards an opening rift, “I presume you’d like to remain at the Temple, is it there where we are headed? Now princess, if you may, we need to depart.”
æ Irél Norre æ 
[3:11 AM] 
Once she had some of her emotions, and her heart and mind were in utter turmoil, under some semblance of control, she lifted her eyes to his and nodded. Her hand took his arm and she cast one last look over her home… the dead that covered the floor, the blood that lined the walls and the death of the magick beneath their feet,. The stars had died…  IT caused a lump to form in her throat and she turned away, allowing Zatrion to lead her back to the temple. At least she had somewhere that felt like home left to her.
Arjun Nejem
[3:17 AM] 
As a form of deference, the next was spoken to his chief, “Aa’ menealle nauva calen ar’ malta. I will join you soon Vyria.” Matters of state are never simple dealings, much must be lost before much more is regained. But stability is what this Kingdom is needing, and that is something that their King is sure to proffer. Be it by force, calm and order will be restored until they begin to settle under the rule of their new Regent. “Do not worry, Vyria is magnificent. You’ve much learn, Ava.” And so he leads her forth to the rift and back to the Temple.
æ Irél Norre æ 
[3:18 AM] 
“So much.” She whispered softly, more to herself than he. Ava went willingly with him, not a backward glance. She did not want to see any more.
[9:05 PM] 
-Gone. At last the final stubborn mesh of the tapestry had vanished. It would be quick work to tear the rest out, once the final catches were smothered hence. Her chest expanded with the deep inhalation of burning flesh, smoke and demise, rendering her tumultuous soul still. Serenity, while akin to strength was no more than a wrinkle upon the countenance of her expectations. Battle bred, like leather worn supple from blatant shine of ambling on shelves to dusky tones of trusted familiarity. Startling eyes of electric blue hover in the depths of flesh pale as snow, features hidden behind a mesh of raven fabric over maw and jaw, rendered molten by her cascading flames as she ambles from the boundaries of her earlier self-confinement behind the Bright King.
Feet step lightly in leather boots, caressing the floor of her new found home in elegant motions of thankfulness. He had brought this to her table, and sure as hell she would shine it up nice to meet his requirements, to showcase his infinite scale down to the most miniscule of cobblestone. Along the dais did she climb, fingers reaching like glinting daggers to trace a line along the crown abandoned so easily by Irel.
Her motions cease as a figure appears in a flutter of motion, suddenly visible from the dark.-
“Mani news?”
-Spoken in a motion as smooth as her own when she shifts to her seat upon the throne, as if her weight was meant to nestle in that nook betwixt its arms. The crown had been lifted in her left hand, ambling about the edge of her fingers as a near afterthought.-
“I’ initial sweep naa complete”
-Considering the informant, Vyria lounges back, stretching her arms in a motion of comfort before resting them upon the arms of the throne.
“Initial sweep? That word is to be washed from your vocabulary. You do it once, and you do it right. I have no time to admonish you children for spilling milk upon the consecrated grounds of our King. He already told you:
‘Ndengina  sen ilya’
-The figure bowed their head swiftly, slipping into the embrace of shadow still remaining behind. As the firelight dimmed, her grip tightened upon the crown, palm of hand heating to meld and twist the metals and precious elements within. No more was this crown needed to bestow power to who ruled here. Their King was grace and beauty unadorned.
Her free hand glided to her belt, tugging free a large vial hidden within the depths of dark mesh and metal, settling it below the crown. While no power it had as a symbol, the energy absorbed from years upon the head of Irel and her compatriots would serve as a strong catalyst for future creations. Those final moments in desperation already leeched into the pads of her fingers as unforgiving metal turned malleable, filtering in drops into the bowels of the waiting vial.-
“Ed’ he` grace.  Nu ho elee.”
Only when the crown had vanished into memory did she place the stopper in the vial. There was work now to be done as her men and women cleansed the streets.-
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