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Anthem Kishimoto Vs. The Immortal Dragon Pythios =End of Chapter 4: Nevaeh Caos=

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==Player Notes: This is a long, drawn out battle. As such there is a TL/DR towards the end.==

There was no putting this off, running or hiding, the Scion of Hellifyno could feel the pull to the fated battleground in her very Soul. If she didn’t it could mean some nasty business for this planets already delicate balance, plunging it into further chaos than it already was. Anthem couldn’t allow that to happen, and watch as these people who were just recovering from the madness plague go through something apocalyptic again. Her past lives presented this to her as something she could stop, so she readied herself and prepared as much as she could.

In no certain terms did Anthem say goodbye to Cheyenne, with a solemn promise to return… In this life or the next. With that the Scion changed into her green gi, with the black formfitting under armor beneath. After wearing it continuously for the entirely of the fortnight, the young warrior finally ditched that heavy training vest that she had been lugging about. Grabbing her belt, which was actually a hollow, reinforced tube in which to carry water in; Anthem then laced up her boots and she was out the door.

After filling her belt with water, Anthem headed into her dojo and into the back where she kept her secret notsosecret armory of weapons. While she usually refrained from the overkill of carrying everything she had, it was not very often that she’d need every advantage she could get if she was fighting something multiple other Scion’s did. She also wouldn’t be the first Scion to fall to this monster either, ushering in an era of chaos to erode the construct of order until nothing was left. So she took it all.

She would of course wield the Sword of Promised Victory on her belt, on her left side just a foot over the ground. Anthem would then put two short swords on either side of her back, one of them made out of green glass and the other out of petrified wood; each handle housing some sort of trigger mechanism. Now for the lightsaber that she had acquired from the saber class card on the other side of her belt and the handwraps that Lazarus gave her many moons ago. As backup, in her old home in Avatar Mountain a few dozen feet below the battleground; the elemental long sword Lazarus also created; along with the kunai’s she /acquired/ from The Yellow Flash.

Now it was time to achieve some zen, as Anthem planned to save every ounce of her strength and teleport to the top. So she decided to simply sit at the bank of the river, sitting in the more than half bright moonlight. There she slipped into her meditation, phasing out of her mind the emotions of anger, or fear. The sense of ego, and pride being pushing into the nonexistent part of her conscious. For only then would she be able to achieve the proper mindset to stop this unconventional threat to her home; and with that did the Scion get to her feet and open her crimson red orbs.

It was time…

The Scion of Hellifyno reached into her pocket, pulling out a portal coin and willing its use. Before her a rip in space opened up, at the same time another one opening up on the top of the mountain. Without hesitation did she quick hop into the portal, appearing on the top of the icy cold mountaintop. Her focus so controlled that she didn’t even shiver as she took a few deep breaths, acclimating to the weather as she grew to ignore it. The portal closed behind her, and the Elementalist found that the entirely of her crafted battleground was now covered in a few layers of frost.

Pools of water now frozen over into solid blocks of ice, while the sand hardened together and kept the metal particles frigid cold. The ground before was indented properly for maximum grip and so it would help the vibration travel faster so Anthem could better detect. But with this new revelation, and the constant powerful breeze that blew by freezing cold air; she’d have to focus a lot on her least preferred element.

With a flex of her fingers, she added spikes to the stone bottoms on her boots; giving her a much better grip on the frost covered stone as she waited patiently. There was a heavy period of waiting as Anthem calmly weathered the gust of freezing air, sitting in the meditative stance as she carefully extended her seismic sense and her hypersensitivity to their maximum distances and waited. . .

The half moon was high in the sky before Anthem heard it before she felt it. It was an odd squeaking sound in the pitch of night, way below towards the ground area as it echoed upwards towards her. Then coming from the ground was something small, person sized, moving upwards at an incredible pace. Pitched in the darkness of the cloud line until it broke it and got within her hypersensitivity range of 100m, did she recognize the the silhouette of a man. As he barreled through the air and approached the plateau, he adjusted his flight path by leaning his body; then coming up and over as if he had jumped and landed into the ring.

The Scion of Hellifyno was on her feet to great this new menace, but this was not at all what she was expecting. He stood at 6’6 with a mane of wild black hair that went down his back. With eyes of coal in a face that was clearly a deceit, did the man in armor of dark matted gold got to his feet. There was a moment of silence as crimson orbs locked onto onyx pools until he smiled at her, revealing a mostly human mouth with a pair of dragon fangs.

“What’s wrong Scion? You don’t appear amused to see me.” He questioned, holding a ten foot tall Qiang Spear, with a black ribbon that didn’t appear move like any fabric Anthem had ever witnessed before. “Is it because I didn’t show up as I appeared to you in the vision? As we all know the mind as its way on playing tricks on us.”

“Why?” Anthem responded, uncaring about what he was saying. “Why do you threaten to plague my world, my land, with your madness?” She questioned, her tone so emotionless that her father would be proud.

“It’s simple really. There is no /why/” He responded, now casually walking on the frost like it wasn’t even there; conversation with her like this wasn’t the first time she’d ask this question. “There is lot’s of chaos here. Potential or otherwise. Things happening every time I show up.” He stopped and looked at her with a shrug, an unamused look against his features. “I wanted to do the madness thing, but that cloud you guys had already did it! Guess I got to go to plan B. But that’s fine.” He nodded, twirling his large weapon in one hand.

“If there is no rhyme or reason to your madness, and you will not leave in peace… Then I have no choice. Just as the ones before me, I will repel you from my planet until we figure out a way to destroy you once and for all.” Anthem replied, taking off her two short swords off first. The one on the right was Sally, a semi see through glass melted at the heart of an exploding star. In it contained the technology to absorb light particles in the atmosphere and radiated it outwards intensively for heat. While the other one, Mustang, was crafted magically out of an ancient petrified tree; with the runes crafted into it and painted on the top, it could absorb and reflect energy based attacks.

“You silly, silly girl. You haven’t matured at all from the last time we’ve met if you think you can destroy me!” He exclaimed, holding that weapon in a tighter grip. “We’ve done this dance a hundred times, and I will do it a hundred more if you think that you and your planet is safe. Chaos is the natural order of things, now step aside and let nature take its course…”

Anthem raised Sally into the air and pulled on the trigger on the handle to start the machine, it turning over instantly and absorbing a decent amount of lunar light before glowing a dull white. “You must be stupid if you keep doing the same thing over again, expecting different results!” And that’s when the battle started!

She came in first, crossing the distance between them in a few long bounds, weapons on either side of her as she prepared for the offensive. “You’re a lot cheekier than your last incarnations.” He replied as Pythios readied his own weapon as she came into range. The Scion was stopped in her tracks, forced to evade as that ten inches of barbed blade came into view; and instead of pulling away he went to slash her with it! Anthem’s only choice was to parry the weapon with Mustang, then take three steps back and remain out of range.

She raised both weapons as she kept her eye on the prize, moving in again as the lunar light blade clashed with the ancient Qiang. Rolling off to the left with Mustang in front of her as she now engaged whatever that black fabric was before she’d get close enough to either cut him with one sword or beat him with the other. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case as that black mysterious article of /something/ came up and attacked Anthem! It seemingly moved of its own accord, and because of that the Scion didn’t expect it to grate against her eyes; blinding her momentarily. Then it balled up and knocked her alongside the head, pushing through until her head was forced into her own weapon, the double-sided, sharp edged Sally.

Caught unprepared for such a dexterous action from a seemingly inanimate object, Anthem bashed her face up against the sword Sally and put a superficial cut against her face. While it wasn’t deep or dangerous, injurious to the face was usually accompanied by a lot of blood. Though in this case the blade was heated as it radiated lunalight, which seared the young Scion at the same time down the left side of her face.

She stepped back once more, needing to readjust her strategy before heading in once more. She definitely expected this creature to be a master in whatever weapon he had chosen, but she hadn’t even been able to get within melee range of him yet, and she already had a wound against her face.

“Is this the best you got? By the universe I don’t think I’ve ever fought you this weak!” The dragon sneered, taking a few steps forward and threatening to plunge the blade into her chest. Anthem responded with a circular movement, twirling to the right while swaying in that direction as well; keeping her heated sword against the ribbon of darkness.

She saw an opening and moved forward , getting passed the dangerous blade of that Qiang once again and intent on getting some damage in on this supposed immortal Dragon. But suddenly that material came in to strike her again; though this time she was prepared and instinctively tried to cut through it with her sharp blade. What she didn’t expect was for the material to wrap around the dangerous, heated end of the green glass weapon; pulling it sharply from her hand!

Anthem didn’t hesitate in letting it go, in her peripheral vision she saw the black fabric extinguish the lunalight; and there was a sharp ‘crack’ as Sally was crushed. A weapon was just a tool, and there was no love lost for the tools of war. Now she was half way down the length of the Qiang’s wooden pole, just about five feet from the agent of Chaos and now out of range of the fabric.

Pythios brought the long spear away from Anthem at first, intent on getting some momentum and sweeping it to try and knock the Kishimoto off her feet. But instead, just as that long pole got a few inches away from her; Anthem used her free hand and moved it in an uppercut motion. At the same time, several pillars erupted from the ground in an ‘x’ formation; trapping the Qiang at several points.

That stopped the ancient martial artist just long enough for Anthem to close the distance and attempt to bash him against the side of the head with Mustang. Pythios quickly dropped the weapon he was holding in two hands, and simply brought his right arm up in defense. Now the Scion, seeing that her strike would connect, wouldn’t hold back anything as she used all her strength; causing a large shock wave to rebound off of them, shaking the entirely of the mountaintop.

Even cratered a foot down beneath frost and solid stone, the chaotic man didn’t look phased nor perturbed; with his arm still in the same position and unyielding. He pushed the girl back, then with balled fist he stepped forward to engage her in in hand to hand combat. Pythios preformed a series of jabs while stepping forward and out of the small crater, while Anthem answered by bobbing and weaving with her head. A jab by her midsection had Anthem blocking with both hands and Mustang, and the first behind that strike had Anthem’s body traveling backwards; breaking up the solid stone and frost underneath her as they scarred the mountaintop.

Mustang had splintered behind the force of the impact, it was too much strain against the magical wood on a single point; along with the chaotic dragon sensing a certain weak point in the composite lumber. Tossing both pieces of the weapon aside, Anthem gave no hesitation in closing the distance between them again; her own hands turning into fists as those hand wraps nestled excellently against her fists.

A smirk across his features as those onyx hues watched the Scion come back at him, they were always relentless; till their dying breath. Pythios ran as well, closing the distance and clashing with the Scion and clashing with her half way through. Anthem’s Soul extended outwards, appearing as a bubble of black and white light extending outwards to 300 meters; and suddenly the shock wave and explosion of the two clashing forces!

They were both blown backwards from one another, Anthem’s lip bleeding slightly as she caught herself on all fours. Pythios was standing, but teetered on the edge of the now broken up mountaintop; now a look of surprise on his face as he didn’t expect this level of power from her. Nevertheless they both righted themselves, and Anthem’s Soul retracted in on her; but rather than disappearing it remained as wild strains of thread flowing an inch above her skin as she used the first level of her Soul arts: Flash Cry.

The black dragon smiled wide looking at what she was doing. “Oh this is new. When’d you pick this up?” He questioned, slowly releasing his own aura in response. “While you’ve might have fought the Scion before, I very much doubt you’ve faced the Kishimoto Clan. Now…Prepare yourself.” And with her crimson eyes turning blood red, with three tomes encircling her center iris did she cover the entirely of the mountaintop in under five second; while making evasion movements. At the same time, the icy air froze in on itself rapidly, creating a hail of foot long spikes of instantly hardened ice to rain down upon him in the meanwhile.

“A Kishimoto huh?” He repeated under his breath, then came the start of the elemental manipulation; the icy rain from above. Effortlessly he met each and every spike with his bare fist, shattering each and every one of them with a barrage while still keeping his attention on Anthem. She came in directly in front of him, her right fist pulled all the way back with a four inch thick ball of compressed air directly in front of it. His only defense was to bring both his arms up in an ‘x’ before him as Anthem clashed with a tremendous might, her own natural strength being bolstered by her Soul Arts and the handwraps made by Lazarus, and on impact it blasted him with gale force winds akin to tornadoes. It sent him flying backwards, a few dozen feet through the mountaintop and barreling down towards the ground.

That wasn’t going to happen though, as Pythios shifted in midair. A thunderous crack, and a bolt of black lightning filled the night air as the agent of Chaos finally appeared in his true form. He appeared as massive dragon of incredible proportions, at least half a mile in length; with great big wings that at least doubled that. Came flying back at Anthem at speeds that shouldn’t have been obtainable for a creature that size!

With a deep breath she readied herself, moving her arms around her in a massive circle as the Elementalist collected sand, metal, stone, ice, water in a 20 meter radius above her; willing it to hover there for just a moment to see how the dragon was going to proceed . He wrapped his massive body around the mountaintop until he was perched on the top, his head 40 meters above her. Without a moments hesitation did that big great dragon of evil open up its massive and dangerous maul and spew forth magical flames so intense that it seemed to ignore the icy conditions the world presented them with.

Anthem wasn’t afraid as those dark red eyes, lit with the reflection of the cone of fiery inferno that barreled down on her. For when her opponent controlled heaven, she still controlled earth! It was probably not what Sun Tzu intended but it still held weight. Anthem formed that orb of combined elements into a fire shield only a few meters above her, the water and ice, stone and metal sticking together to fend off the magical inferno for ten continuously seconds.

While focusing on her shield, she could see, feel, and sense all the stone heating and knew she’d stood no chance in absorbing that quantity of flame and it would actually burn her alive. She took a knee and extended both arms downwards, her tattoos glowing along with her eyes as she tapped into this very same mountain that she created years ago. So once the moment the fire stopped, the shield fell and the entire mountaintop shot upwards at the dragon in a single spike with a heated top, aside for the five foot section she was standing on.

Pythios took the hit entirely, being knocked back into the air and catching himself on those mighty wings. But still the Scion wasn’t done, with her glowing eyes in her Enlightened state, she had simultaneously poured more of her Soul to trigger the second stage of her Soul Arts: Time Alter. A small pillar came shooting out of the mountaintop spike, the Scion of Hellifyno flying at breakneck speeds with a piece of rock beneath her feet, an orb of air surrounding her and a large amount of water mixed with lightning twirling around in it.

What followed was a storm of violence and elements that raged in the heavens as Anthem made it rain hundreds of thousands of oversize spikes upon the dragon, who used its magic to turn incorporeal and blink past the attack. She had turned the entire thing into an intense sandstorm in anticipation of his arrival, only for his human form to be the one to blink back right behind her and strike her through the air bubble; dropping the sandstorm.

Anthem flew forward and around, converting the bubble into a boost of speed as the water turned into icy knives edge as she tried to run him through. He flew around her her, breathing a quick breath of fire against her back. Anthem ignored the pain as she took the attack to in return fire two quick spikes of earth into his chest. He took both of them, growled loudly, and extended his hand outwards as a sword appeared from his storehouses in Neveah Caos.

Out came the sword of Promised Victory from its sheath as it broke through the darkness, pulsating in with power and hope as her Soul could visibly be seen entering the weapon’s handle. With a yell Anthem clashed swords with Pythios once more, glaring him straight in the face as she could see a cut on his forehead from where the mountaintop hit him. Without hesitation did Anthem bring her head back and knock her rock hard forehead against his without remorse.

That sent him staggering just enough for Anthem to follow up. With a powerful slash against his chest combined with a blast of concentrated energy to actually cut through that armor and his iron skin as he yelled in agony. It was then Anthem knew that she could defeat him, in one way, shape, or form she would slay this dragon before he be allowed his reign. There was no longer a smile upon his face as he came back and they were at it again. Shock waves disturbed only the clouds as Anthem made sure to keep her battle from spilling out against the land.

Elements rained and bolts of light as stray excali-blasts and cold-proof fire ripped across the Hellifyno sky as Anthem gave this battle every single ounce of will and energy that she had. But just as light existed in the universe, no matter how hard it fought or how fast it traveled; darkness was always there to match it.

Pythios came up to slash against the Excalibur and in a heartbeat Anthem lost the glow in her eyes, she had ran out of time in her Enlightened State before she could figure out a plan. A tiny chink in her armor, a loss of some power; which also meant an imperfection in her form. The ancient and forever dragon saw this and took full advantage as a tiny flick of his sword meant the beginning of the end for Anthem.

Anthem’s right arm came off at the bicep as it fell down to the ground, Excalibur still in it. She screamed a loud, bloodcurdling scream as that limb descended towards the dirt; tears filled her eyes as she blasted the dragon warrior in the chest with a huge amount of wind. Sending him flying backwards into the sky, Anthem took a moment to compose herself, engulfing her left hand in fire and cauterizing the stump.

Her senses tripped as Pythios wasn’t giving her any remorse either, not now knowing that he had the advantage. As Anthem floated in midair on her rock, five feet in diameter; that dragon warrior broke the sound barrier as he returned barreling through the air, his weapon ready to take her life. Then then it dawned to her what she needed, the only things to damage him were very pinpoint strikes of intense heat and/or energy.


The Scion of Hellifyno, Anthem Kishimoto stood on a floating rock several thousand feet up in the air on a cold winter night. She had been dismembered, her right arm had been claimed by an agent of Chaos; a dragon who had lived so many years that he had fought with dozens of Scions and each one was able to push him back for hundreds of years, but like Chaos he returned. Now he came flying through the sky at sonic speeds, a long sword in both hands as he wanted to claim her head for his collection of Scion’s.

Anthem stopped and concentrated, knowing this would only work if she left exactly no room for error. Using the Time Alter she speed up her muscles and reflexes eight times over, and waited until the last possible second. The dragon warrior came in from above and behind her with a beheading swing so quick that it cut the air in its swing. Anthem ducked, and made the lowest and tightest circular movement as she faced the longstanding enemy of the Scion, simultaneously pulling off the last weapon that she had in her arsenal, the lightsaber she had acquired from the Saber class card battle. While she never did get around to learning to use it properly, she didn’t need training to know that she pressed a button and triggered the beam of intense heat to appear.

Now without any hesitation, mercy, or regret did Anthem plunge the beam left-handed into the Pythios’ chest, making a small circle in her thrust. The dragon yelled loudly, especially when Anthem followed through with her fist and plunged it directly into his heart!

The beam went out but Anthem was right where she wanted to be, as her hand started to glow a bright green. With the rock falling away from underneath her, the Scion of Hellifyno closed her eyes and concentrated everything that she had left into this final ray of light. Now she had used this final and most potent abilities of her Scion power before, against the corruption within Helvegen the most recent. If she was able to cleanse the god of his corruption, then she hoped to be able to clear this dragon of his.

For a while they both remained motionless, stationary, in midair alongside the battle torn mountain. The darkness of night even bled briefly into the day, but it had happened; she had done it. Anthem had /healed/ the poly-morphed dragon of his corruption for only a second, long enough to crush his immortal heart and pull it out!

As she started to fall down to the ground, she watched as he screamed and yelled, looking upwards towards the sky. Those onyx eyes of his flashed with power for a second as a dark lightning bolt ripped through the sky, turning Pythios back into his massive half mile dragon form. That dragon gave a final death howl that shook everything in a few mile radius, before turning into dark wisps of shadows and evaporating into the day.

Anthem on the other hand was spent… There was nothing to stop her as she gained more and more speed until she reached terminal velocity. One armed and with the Time Alter ability used, the Kishimoto warrior knew that she’d be incapacitated physically after as a result. The battle, the massive usage of elements, the abundant usage of her Aura and Soul; there was nothing to stop Anthem as she fell to her end.

Even though she knew what was coming, Anthem’s mind was at ease. She looked over to the Sun as it came up on the horizon, and basked in its glory one more time as she thought back on her life. There was her family, all of the Kishimoto Clan. Her parents, her siblings, she’d hope that they wouldn’t be sad for too long, but at least she’d stop the cycle of violence with them as there was no one to get vengeance against.

There were her friends and students, ones that she was supposed to meet later that day. Gwen and Kaler, saddened that she’d never be able to teach him how to use that weapon. Anthem thought of everything up to this point, from meeting Xander at 13 years old and him hitting someone so intensely that she was completely covered in blood and guts. To mastering her Enlightened state with Lily-Sensei, to mastering her elements with the Shinamorri Clan; Dimitrius and Serina. Her old team, Bolt, Zayna, and Rega and how they took down that science company/ crime syndicate. Then to the people she gave her heart out too…

There was Cheyenne, her darlin’ Southern Bell; the one thing Anthem did in her life to make herself happy rather than accomplish her destiny. The Devil Dog with a heart a gold, all the good times that they shared together. For her entire life Anthem had been different, different than her family, her friends and teachers, always with a pronounced destiny which sometimes made her feel less than human. But since the moment that Marine had spoken to her on that faithful day, just those endless pools of cerulean melted away all her defenses and made her truly alive.

There were tears on her face as the Scion smashed against the ground at terminal speed, the force of impact not only killing her instantly but burying her body in a small crater. As Anthem’s final breath exited passed her lips, so did a bright, shapeless wisp of glowing white light that flew up into the air a little bit; then break apart into wind. Leaving her broken, dismembered lifeless body partially buried; tears down the side of her face and a smile on her face. Anthem’s life was short, but it was full, exciting, and she did her duty that destiny provided her with to the very best of her abilities; there were no regrets.

Sometime during the next summer, the next Scion was born…

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