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NAME: Archer


GENDER: Female


HEIGHT: 5′ 3″

HISTORY: Less is known about Archer than her brother Deathro. One thing that is known for sure about Archer that, like her brother, she can also shape shift. Her form though is a huge over sized snow leopard. 

While her brother can control fire, Archer can control shadows. She can become the shadows, making it easy for her to get into any place. Also, Archer can use the shadows to make solid forms while in combat. One such example is when she uses the shadows around her to make a huge, solid cobra that will then be used as a weapon by her.

The ability to travel among dimensions is also present. Archer, even though seen as powerful, only uses these powers when it is most necessary. 

DESCRIPTION: Archer is always seen with long, dark wavy hair that goes past her shoulders about two inches. She has dark green feline eyes. What she wears varies from time era but she has some form of a dark long coat on no matter what.  Archer can bend time to bring someone back if she wishes, but only does so if need to.

((Archer and her brother Deathro belong to me and only me. Copyright. Don’t think about stealing. Don’t steal. All pictures are taken off of google/ other forms of internet sources. All rights to their proper owners.))

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