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Arising Factions {Rekindled Hearts Arc} Chapter 4:Part 3

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Notice:This part is after part 2 of the Clash Of Krite Sisters Miniarc

It would have been a few days since Stacy had gone missing, today was supposed to be the day that we all moved in together, all of the grandchildren of Bastet

So, Rosalina’s Uncle In-Law constructed the Blake Hotel in Ayana, they had the youngest downstairs, which really was only Ivan and Stacy

However the reason she was here, because it was an emergency family between, her, Ari, and her parent in-laws

Rosalina would begin the meeting with following “Mia is alive, but undead and we should try to get her back” She spoke first and with great hope to convince Ari to help get Mia back

Ari would nod understanding but frowning at the situation “I absolutely wanna go find Mia and get her back, but we should focus on keeping Natalie safe”

Rosalina would seem annoyed at Ari “Natalie will be safe, there are other people here to keep there eyes on her, Mia needs to raise her kid and not forced to do something against her will…” Rosalina said more tensed up

Ari would become angry with his wife “We have to find one kid out there, wherever she went and we have one here to keep safe! We can’t worry about Mia, no matter how much I hate the situation, she’s in, we have to hope Andrew comes to senses” He said to Rosalina somewhat stressed before calming down

“Rosa, if you wanna go after Mia, go ahead but I’m not going to come with you, while, people in our family are still missing or need supervision..” Ari said to his wife before hugging her

Rosalina hugged him back as he would speak and somewhat sound upset “Please be safe out there love” He said before pulling back and kissing her cheek

“I think nows a good time now mom, that Dad goes to help our Aunt with dealing Blake’s death, however I’m going to take Natalie somewhere further, so I can better cover ground and teach that kid a few things” He said to his parents, with a faint smile forming

“I think thats a good plan, so we can all fade away, disconnect a bit and see what happens in the house, scout out Raven and River to see who convinced Stacy to run” Jordan said as everyone agreed and Rosalina nodded

“Sounds like a good plan, I’m down for it” She spoke before Ari handed her bags to her and hugged his wife warmly

“I’ll look around for Mia, maybe these potions will come in handy, I didn’t think playing around with everything, I’ll see what I can bring home for all of us” She said pulling up her cloak before walking out the front door onto a new adventure

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