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The Cloak of Levitation, an artifact once worn by the Sorcerer Supreme Doctor Strange, as its name suggests, has the primary purpose of granting its wearer the ability to levitate. The greatest advantage of this is that its wearer need know little about the mystic arts in order to operate it, nor does the wearer need to use any of his “mystical strength” in order to operate it. While the cloak actually has no will of its own, it has been known to act on the will of its wearer without command, responding to mere thought. While the top speed of the cloak is unknown, it has been shown traveling at subsonic speeds. The maximum load-bearing weight of the cloak is also unknown, but Doctor Strange has been shown carrying passengers.

In addition to levitation, the cloak possesses abilities greater than those of any normal garment. These include:

-Resistance to damage from the elements, physical attack, and mystical attacks.

-The ability to change shape to mimic other garments, such as a business suit.

-Ability to act upon the will of its last wearer, even when not in physical contact (or even in the same room) as the wearer.

-The ability to act as an extra limb, grabbing, striking, or even wrapping.


((This blog is a current accounting of the magical artifacts owned by Lazarus Gideon Kishimoto.  It will be updated as necessary should the information change, or should additional artifacts be discovered.))


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