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Arvani~Chapter One: Success

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**Everything in this document is a rough draft. Changes may be made often.**

Chapter One: Success

As I awake the moon was nearly full and shining just as bright as it always did with a silver glow.  It had been a week since my last night out with father; perhaps this was going to be one of those nights. I sighed and hopped that it wouldn’t be, but then again, it’s not my choice to choose. I have to do what I am told. Well…not everything. Sitting up from my bed I glance out the window once more, and then get up and get a closer view.  All around the grounds there are lycans everywhere, but there is one I have my heart set on, Greymoon. Another sigh slips through my lips, if only that didn’t have to make me such a rebel.

        Long moments seem to pass as I gaze, but they were only short. A knock and then a voice was heard from my door.  “Cassila! Lord Recluse is waiting for you in the courtyard.”

        Just as I suspected, he did pick today.  “I’ll be down in a moment!” I call back to the maid. It wouldn’t be long before I dressed in a long green dress, and a wood brown hooded cloak, my brown hair is in a long braid off to the side and the hood to cloak is over my head.

As I approach the courtyard there is a man with long black hair that goes to his shoulders, he wears black leather pants and boots that go to his knees. Over a white dress shirt he wears a black leather coat that fastens together with two large belt buckles, and for a representation of power he wears a bold red cape that nearly touches the ground.  

“Good evening my dear,” he greeted me in a loving tone and a warm smile.

In reply I simply nod and then said, “Evening.”

Once fully met he started to walk and I would accompany him, just as any other night he would pick.  At these times I don’t enjoy my life, and I had a gut feeling that this night wasn’t going to change.  

Bravely I asked, “What are we doing tonight?” I seemed like it took moments before he would respond, but in all reality it was just a half a minute or two.

“It’s time for another feeding.” My father said to me. In my mind all I could do was another sigh, but I couldn’t let it show. Feeding, killing, and then more killing.  This was all I knew ever since I could remember: I hate it! A royal’s daughter should learn how to rule in a way that she will be respected, not feared, apparently not for me.

As we walk through one of the villages I couldn’t see a soul in sight. Shutters banged against the buildings and the sound of leaves rustling is as clear as a gunshot. This place wasn’t even a place anymore, just another add on to a ghost town.

“Are you sure I need to feed? I feel completely fine.” I tried to assure him.

His words were cold now, just as he is. “No, if there isn’t anyone left here then we have to move on.” Just like that I walked in silence, not wanting to ask anything more because I knew that there wasn’t anything else to ask. His decision was final. It was easily descriptive in the tone of his voice.  

Now on the path to the next village there were a few small rodents here and there. I feel like them, having to survive. To not know how much longer you can take of life and just want to be eaten by the next thing, or even trying to keep sanity, watching innocent people die because you are the predator.  It’s a never ending cycle that can’t end. I wonder though, if my existence can end sooner than what is expected so I don’t have to see the cycle keeps looping.

Not even close to the next village we stop. I listen for anything that may be the sign of trouble. Nearly a second later my father darted into the forest. I didn’t hear anything but he must have. I tried to keep up but he was simply much faster than I was. I never understood this. Everyone else in his court could run just as fast, if not faster. I’m always lagging behind. When I finally catch up he stood there with a smirk on his face. By the neck he held a young woman. She was about the same age as me.  Tears are in her eyes, the color of my father’s turned dark.

“Come here, Cassila.” he says to me. I just stood there and shake my head as I have in past times. This time I wasn’t going to do it. I wasn’t going to take her life, not anyone’s.

“Now!” He hollers.

After a gulp and a deep breath I start to walk towards him.  I’m not going to do this. I’m not going to do this. I thought to myself.  

Once I got close enough he pushed her hard enough to me. “It is time,” he said.

I looked at the girl, she was in such terror that she wasn’t saying anything and her body was shaking so bad that it was more or less vibrating.  This is where I stand my ground. I gently laid the girl on the ground and stood in front of her.

“Do you realize what you are doing!? Why do you think the population is decreasing?”

I hear a chuckle escape from his lips. “This again? I’ve told you, they are weak! We are the superior.”

“No! They had and still have the right to live. I will not be some animal and keep killing! Too many people have died because of these outings.”

“That’s enough Cassila!  You are my daughter, you will abide by my rules.

“No!” I repeated. I stared at this monster but when I realize that there was nothing I could do, I looked back at the girl with a tear streaming down my cheek. “I’m sorry” I mouth to her, then fully turn around so I would face her. After kneeling down in front of her I hold the back of her neck and let my fangs grow to sharp points. As I pierced them into her skin she screamed and cried in terror, It brought pain to my own ears I didn’t stop, I couldn’t. I had to please him. The girl’s blood rushed through me, just as a river. I’d have to admit, it felt energizing, but this was wrong. As I continued to take her life tears ran down my face, fusing with her blood that flows to the girl’s shoulder. When her heartbeat was nearly to its end I released before my own could be stolen.

Before standing up I gently laid the girls head on the ground. When I faced my father he stood there with a proud smirk on his face. “Well done,” He comments as he walks towards me. “I’ve waited years for you to be able to do that. Tell me, how do you feel?”

Standing silently I wait a moment to answer. I honestly felt sick to my stomach but didn’t want to show it in order to please him. After laying out a convincing grin I gave a short answer. It was. The thought started in my head. I couldn’t take too long to think of how I want to finish this sentence when I was going to say it or he would know I was lying. “It was refreshing.” In a way, I wasn’t lying. The regain of strength rushed through my body that I had never felt before. However, I wasn’t going to turn this experience into something would crave all the time. The rush in my veins wasn’t worth turning into the monster he was demonstrated as.

        He chuckled; it was deep as it normally was. If you didn’t know him then you couldn’t tell the difference between a laugh of when he was pleased, like his now, or to when he’s going to do something devious. “I’m proud of you,” he comments. “Come, this calls for a celebration!”



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