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As I See It (Water Oracle)

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The Blood Hunt took its first victim last night, Iris Ivy Tamms—Nature’s child born of forbidden passions. She was a loving daughter, a caring (if just a soon to be) wife and mother, and a sister to be counted upon. But, a damn fool to the end…fated it seems to always meet with the hard knocks life has to offer…and as I watched as she was killed I felt a strange feeling. I don’t know what it is…not pity for I know that one well enough…

I could not and cannot still let it go so I retrieved her body and have since repaired it, found someone whom could breathe life back into the body and call her soul back as well, and now have set to fixing the shattered mind now within it. All this will take time and as Iris grows more conscious I must tell her something for my presence there within that won’t break her yet again…

*gives a wicked smile that no ‘mortal’ has ever liked to see upon the face of someone like she* So, I told her a lie that will suit me and be payment for my help:

“You are Lily Waters, you have always been a faithful protector and servant to me, The Water Oracle…I’ve been called many a name but the one favored most is ‘Lady of the lake’. Times have become most unsafe so you had offered your body as a sanctum to me, for now…a short while I hope. If you do not believe that I speak truth then you might only glance in the reflection of a pool or mirror and see that my mark is upon you, child…” I say softly and sweetly into her mind and am shocked to find that the gentleness that shows in my voice I mean, how odd.

Iris—I mean Lily goes and, with opalescent colored eye flecked with purple, sees the tear drop shaped scars… tears fill her eyes, and I know that she believes my words. It makes me a little…I think the word is…sad? …along with happy that she won’t fight me. I’ve changed her appearance in little ways, the eye color (though for some reason I couldn’t get them to change them all the way from what they once where), her hair no longer being fiery tresses but soft waves of white and tints of purple, no cat ears though she’ll hear just as well (they’ll come back when she’s herself again, I believe), and the fact that she can see. I’ve given her clothes that would fit a protector and servant to an oracle…again I’m happy but this new slight feeling of…sadness…is there. Though she looks good draped in a turquoise top the like of what the robes of the Greek women used to wear (reminding me of the robes my servant should wear), a midnight blue journeyman’s pants with soft dark grey leather boots, and a cloak of teals—blues—and greens befitting that of the water’s beauty.

I’ve given her blades to hide upon her person along with a short sword with more of an Eastern Asian likeness to be hidden upon her spine in a sheath. When Iris comes to herself she will remember everything, even this that I have done for her and to her. She’ll receive her packs back from me then and the blades will be given as a gift (no strings attached) but for now, she carries a single side pack and her belt with the many pouches. I’ve taken from her the things that will remind her too quickly of whom she is, for now…though slowly I will give them back as well.

The only fear I have is that too much time among her ‘friends and loved ones’ will push the memories to quickly back to ‘Lily’ and all my fragile intricate work will fall to pieces and she’ll be lost to the world. So, when she is among them I’ll need to have most of the control. But, that should be easily enough accomplished…

I’ve much work to do and hope, funnily enough, that it can be finished quickly…Iris will be most upset if she doesn’t return fully before Devek’s total darkness and ‘renewal’…though there are going to be moments where no matter what I’m sure ‘Lily’ will irrationally protect Devek and after I’ll have to put any missing pieces of her back…

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  1. Dragon Teers 12 years ago

    ::knows raelys jus scared of him::

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