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Ascending the ladder of Cultivation

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The moon was shining brightly against the top of Mt. Avatar, with the Scion of Hellifyno sitting in a lotus style. She sat there in nothing but her sports bra and compression shorts, despite the freezing temperature and high speed winds of being so far up in the sky. Anthem was currently using a cultivation technique to draw in energy from the moon, from the air, and from the mountain all at the same time. Before she had died her cultivation would have been limited and slow going thank to her completely human form, but now with her resurrection Anthem had been granted a form that was only half human; her limits and potential were now bound in infinite possibilities due to being half spirit now too.

First her Aura triggered, a hunter green field of energy that surrounded her body and permeated the air with the smell of Sage so strong that the winds couldn’t push it away. Then secondly her Soul appeared, an orb of white and black that extended its full three kilometer radius, with a ying-yang symbol in the front, a massive growing tree on the top, and Zen, an actual spirit that personifies peace and tranquility; floating around within it. With her etheric energies fully extended and activated, it would make what came next much eaiser.

With the energy she had cultivated, Anthem directed that energy to fuse with her body to make it more sturdy. She had already done so before, fused the energy with her bones to make them neigh unbreakable and her ligaments and joints, making her more flexible. Now she was taking the next steps up this ladder, starting with her muscles. It was extremely painful, like someone had taken ground glass and shoved them directly into her organs; but Anthem was far too determined to let something like that stop her. In minutes the process had finished, which resulted in Anthem looking up towards the sky and burping; a trail of black toxins escaping her body as she went one step closer to a perfect form.

She didn’t stop there, no this new body of hers quickly filled up on natural energy enough that she could fuse it this time with her nervous system. Now it felt hot and cold and electrifying all at once, to every inch of her flesh all at the same time. The feeling was so intense, so blindly painful, that she was almost brought to tears from the unexpected intensity of it. But like all pain, it was fleeting and in the moment, and with that out the way she looked up and released another steam of black toxins from her body and into the sky.

There was one more wrung on the ladder in the physical realm when it came to cultivation, and the Scion was going to climb it before stopping for the night. The energy of Hellifyno flowed to her easily, barely having to summon it to her as it flooded her body. She took this abundant energy and fused it with her skin, which normally would make it flawless, but Anthem carefully made sure every scar and blemish remained. They serve as reminders to this day that she wasn’t a God, nor was she invincible, and that every battle she goes into could be her last unless she remains careful and without ego. After a few excruciating moments of feeling like she was being flayed alive, Anthem burped one final time as that black wisp was lighter than the rest; proving to her that she had finally reached a perfect physical form.

Then her energies snapped back to her body, the scent of Sage being dragged away by the wind. She stood up and almost fell over, off balance and not even sure about what she could do anymore. That was tomorrow Anthem’s problem though, as tonight’s Anthem opened up a portal with the Jewel Rega had gifted her and disappeared without a trace.


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