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At Death’s Door

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Hela had her second day on the planet known as Helifyno . An it was where she made her first friendand her first enemy …and almost death. It Seems Death had a Daughter and that woman had Heltana’s name in her book. After a roller coaster of emotions and a new found courage  the fight was on.

  • Piper Graverling

    <After her moment of scrutinizing, she’s off. The game’s started and Piper was perfectly willing to roll the dice first…Unfortunately for Helatana, this likely wasn’t going to be a game that she won. Piper was nothing more than a simple streak of crimson gliding across the ground between the twoof them, a rushing blur of after images left in her wake…Her Boots of Damnation…Quite lovely little things, they were…One of her three gifts from Death himself. Aiding in speed amongst many other things. Helatana has about three seconds to react before Piper’s there, in her face…her shoulder is shoving upwards into Hela’s chest with a surprising brute force, palm seeking to splay against her stomach, curl her digits through the red material of her shirt to snag a good grip before she was contorting her body to snap her body downwards at the waist, hand aiding in the sudden vicious slam of Hela’s form into the ground. The sheer speed and kinetic force of the attack, combining up with gravity would be more than enough to bruise the woman up decently well…and if Piper got her last movement in, legs twisting and bending for her knee to drive down into Hela’s ribcage in the center right after she hit the ground, she was hopefully cracking a few rib, if not forcing all the air from the woman…

  • Helatana
  • ~ Her eyes went wide at the sudden speed and Hel could not even blink before she felt her breath on her face and felt the grip on her shirt as she was suddenly on the ground and hard as she let out a yell in pain the wind knocked out of her. She cringed as her lungs fought themselves to take in Air again but She saw a knee coming down at her. she needed to recover but she rolled away from the knee and fought to get up still gasping for air as she haphazardly set and arrow and fired it at Piper though her aim was off and most likely miss as she stumbled.

  • Piper Graverling

    <The first hits make it, but her knee misses. The joint goes slamming down into the ground with an audible thunk, vibrating up her thigh muscle before it settles. She’s still on the ground when the arrow goes flying past her…Just -barely- missing her. The pointed tip grazes along her cheek,slicing through the pale flesh to bring up a burning line of crimson that seeped down her skin in a thin sheet…Reaching up with her hand, she swiped the back of her appendage across it, smearing the scarlet along her hand there before she stared at it for a moment…And then she was leaning down,tongue slicking against the blood for the crimson to coat the pink muscle…smacking her cherried lips, she’s on her feet once more, blurring into action with a cruel smirk. This time though, she doesn’t go for the direct attack, no, no, she actually rounds off to the side, halting back into sight behind Helatana, back to back.> “Ready for a tumble?” <Cooing the words out, which gives Hela a few moments, her foot snaps out in a vicious mule kick to drive the sole of her boot right into Hela’s ass to send the woman falling forward into a wicked rolling faceplant across the ground.

  • Helatana
  • ~ she was coughing from having the wind knock out of her she slightly smiled when she saw her arrow did graze Piper but it quickly faded when she heard her voice behind her and she would go too turn to face her when she felt the kick. Her momentum made her fall over on her head with a slight Spin.Since she was mid turn and she would spit up blood before flopping on her back. She remained there for a moment before she rolled to her side and she tried once more to get up but she slipped and fell again. She knew the rules were no deaths but she could not help but wonder if she would be killed. She looked up tp Piper trying to pick herself up again.~ I…Is that all you got? ~ she asked wiping the blood from her face and breathing heavily with a smile. she would not give her the satisfaction of fear no matter how much pain she was in.

  • Piper Graverling

    <Oh that had done even better than she’d hoped for! Sniggering at the blood that dripped along Hela’s face from the sudden whiplash when it had spewed from her mouth, Piper started forward. Step after step, her boots worked across the ground, slowly gliding. She moved at a normal speed, so Hela could definitely see her coming…That eerily sugar sweet smile danced along her red lips at the sight of Hela slipping and falling back down before she finally made to her feet.> “Is that all I have? You asked to have the rule of no dying…” She shrugged, that innocent look all over her heart shaped features. Having lifted her hands up, palms skywards in the universal “whatever shrug,” her right hand dipped behind her back to pull her short sword out…Looking something akin to a minature spine, the vertebrae were all interlocked into a firm, unyeilding blade, with the spikes along the edges sharpened into vicious points.> “But, if you -reeealllyyyy- want me to go further, I will~” <That lilting sing-song tone came back into her voice while she taunted Hela.

  • Helatana
  • ~ She took out her dagger then and sighed it was not what she was planning but as she reach for her blade she felt an intense pain hit her..Her left shoulder was dislocated and she almost went to her knees as she looked up~ shite…~ She would say to herself ~ Ey im still keeping to those rules i Do not mind the blade but ill keep my arms legs and head on my body thank you.~ she would say with a laugh as she stumbled close useing her good arm to hold her dagger~

  • Piper Graverling

    <She was giddier than a fat kid with cake at the moment, with the deliciously sweet fight going on. Rocking back and forth from the balls of her feet to her heels, she watched Hela reach for the blade–movement stuttering at the pain in her shoulder before she finally snagged the dagger and speak towards Piper. Noting the spot where the pain seemed to emanate from; the left shoulder, Piper giggled brightly. Her fingers tightened around the hilt of her sword, the leather strips wrapped around it squeaking slightly from the force of her grasp. She lifted it, waggling it back and forth childingly.> “You only said no death…You are adding rules…This is not fair…” <But in any case, the scarlet pattern on her boots sparked and she was moving again, when she was able to be seen again, she was lunging forward like a fencer, the hilt of her shortsword pressed up against her wrist for stability…aiming the stab for the woman’s stomach, if it connected, it simply slips right into the woman’s body without pain. There wouldn’t be blood or anyting…But her player will post the rest of the effects if the hit lands in her next post.>

  • Helatana
  • ~ She took a deep breath and tilted slight to parry the blade but she would feel it graze her side as it did she would lean close to let her elbow go in to hit Piper in the face but depending on what her blade did it was anyone guess of her strike would land or not. Feeling no pain she assumed it Simply cut her shirt.

  • Piper Graverling

    <Actually, Hela wouldn’t feel it grazing her side at al. But rather, the blade simply passes through her stomach, right above her hip bone. The Ethereal Bone, her second gift from Death. Enchanted to pass through just about anything, unless the object had been enchanted to deter such a thing. But,there was only a ten second delay on this. It could hold itself like that, though Piper could make it solidify once more before that time limit. Though, Piper doesn’t this time. When the elbow goes slamming into her face, her head turns, taking it against her cheekbone for a dull thud, though she’s suddenly releasing a hair raising feral snarl…it vibrated from her throat to crash in a vicious sounding noise while her head turned, teeth seeking to latch onto the fleshy portion of Hela’s forearm before she could move her arm away and simply sink her blunt teeth down into the muscle, grind her teeth until she broke through skin and whipped her head back to tear the hunk free completely with a sickening snapping sound. At the same time though, her left hand was swinging, sliding that blade -through- Hela’s midsection–though it doesn’t cut. It’s not until it reaches her other side that the ten seconds was up and the spiked points was ripping through her side to spew crimson through the air and dapple the ground into a macabre pattern unless Hela was able to move fast enough.>

  • Helatana
  • ~ Hela felt her arm connect but once she felt Pipers head move back with her mouth open she pulled it away before she was able to bite down. Still she did not notice the blade passing through her body like a silent killer . She would ready her fist before her eyes went wide and the blade will Become solid and the spiked point tore through her side blood flying all over only matched by a wrenching scream that would beard by all the Tavern and anyone else close by. she would fall to her kneees know holding her side as she bled rapidly. Still screaming her adrenaline was all that was Keeping her from going into shock but the screams slowly turned into laughter as she smiled and looked up to Piper with a big smile. blood in her red hair making an even darker shade and her bright blue eyes now dulled. she just remained there laughing and bleeding to death.~

  • Piper Graverling

    <Her teeth miss, sending them down into a vicious chomp that clattered her teeth against one another. When her blade passes through and snags a chunk of Hela’s side. Grinning widely, she clicked the silver ball pierced through her tongue against the back of her teeth while she lifted her spine to twist it back and forth to study the vibrant crimson that slipped around the bones, dripping down in thin rivers. Peering closer at the meat and gore that was caught up in the spikes, she suddenly flicked the weapon with a snap of her wrist, sending the blood and gore flying through the air when she starts laughing..> “Aw…I broke her…” <If Hela hadn’t moved by then, Piper’s foot comes out, seeking to plant the sole of it against Hela’s face viciously.>

  • Helatana
  • ~ She felt the foot to her face and flow backwards blood slashing on the snow covered ground as she slid on the mix of blood and ice and her face a bloody mess she still just laughed~ No.not broken Lass~ she said laying on her back as she looked to Piper~ Pride….Because no mater that you beat Me and no matter how much i may scream in pain i will deprive you of at least the prize you adore….my will…it will remain strong and with ever torture or death you take from other in their eyes you will see me …The one who smiled and laugh and never begged….never feared…never ~ she Paused as she fought to stay awake.~ Never buckled….you wont get that thrill from me.ever….I do not fear you for death is a release…not a punishment…..~

  • Piper Graverling

    <She’s silent throughout Helatana’s little speech, her face lashed with streaks and smears of crimson for her own bodyand from Hela’s. Her head tilted to the right, studying the woman.> “That’s all well and good…But I don’t need you to beg…the mere fact that you are in pain…that your blood is decorating the ground…” <Lifting her weapon, the point was directed towards the blood laden snow.> “And where’s the fun in breaking someone’s will right away? <Snorts quietly.> “The fun is the journey! Duh. And when youdo get broken, you’ll get tossed aside, just like the toys from the Island of<Misfits. Okay?” <Giggling sweetly as she simply took the wind right out of Hela’s heroic sails.>

  • Helatana
  • ~ She sat up slowly still bleeding and slowly losing her fight against passing out~ But you will never break me….Death…you..are just a force of nature that comes and goes without a thought….My blood will mark this spot..mark a memory of my friends and family….what do you have? you said it Yourself you need no friends or allies …you have no purpose because you will simply be forgotten…no one thinks or cares about death untill it arrives….with that said your only considered important in that moment….then your gone and passed….alone…without purpose as each of your Victims live on in the minds of others eternal and permanent while you love on without a care till the end of all things …then what….Death wont have much use of you would he….once everything is dead you will be the only thing left with him and im sure your death is that one he saves for last~She said as she just smiles~ My body fades but my soul will always be…~With that she passes out on the ice but only for a moment before she crawls wakeing up to head to the tavern bleeding out she may make it she may not.

  • Piper Graverling

    “And that, sweet little girl, is where you’re wrong. Death is all around, ever present and in the background. For each second you live, you are simultaneously dying. You would do well to remember that. We are the force of nature that -cannot- to be changed. When we knock and call time’s up for good, you might flee. But you will never…ever…have enough to outrun us. Because we are your shadow. We are the end. And the end…always comes…No matter how much you stave it off…” <She falls silent to watch Hela crawl away, a look of bemusement etched along her features.> “As for your soul we the Daughters are the collectors…Sometimes….they don’t quite reach Death…” <She grinned, implying quite simply that at times, they ate them. But such is the way of Collection. Waggling her fingers in a row towards the dying woman, she faded off into the background, disappearing…but still quite present as the ghost of a breath trickling down your spine, the chilled fingers of the Reaper dancing against your skin.

With the battle done and Piper gone the true test of will came at me with full force as i fought to stay alive a hole in my body bleeding out and what happen next….i almost thaughht it was the end.

  • ~ She smiled more as she dragged herself to the tavern door~ Well we shall see who is right when the end of days comes….until then you can be deaths little toy..~ she would say on the floor at the tavern door looking at the other blood all over her and all of it was hers~ Harry……i..i need Help~ she said in an almost whisper as she spat up more blood. she would claw the side of the door to drag herself to her feet her one arm limp from dislocation she would use her goos hand holding her wound to do it letting her blood spill even more . Her freckled face white as a ghost her once Bright blue eyes now a dull shade of an almost grey tone and her ed hair soaked in blood and snow as it stuck to her face she would owe her life to anyone who could or would help her~Seeing no one come to her aid she laughed at the irony. Safe place her arse …the spirit told her this tavern would be safe for her…of course she was not in the tavern when she was injured but just outside it, perhaps it was that small fact that got her in this mess . she fell to the floor again.

It was when i lost consciousness a man came and finally i was saved and hope would be restored. the mans name was Zander Cload. He gave me some kind of medicine it healed me though i have not fully recovered i owe that ladd my life. The little human girl. The farmers daughter. with now magic, no power nothing but a little dagger and a bow fought Deaths daughter and lived through it. i would say not bad for a simple human but…it makes me wonder….will i be so lucky next time? im beginning to wonder if perhaps losing my humanity and becoming….a creature….like the other beings in this world may be the only way to keep living….its a hard choice and i am not sure if i can do it but i might not a choice.

I do not think i can handle another visit to Death’s Door.

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  1. Lamora Giovanni 8 years ago

    With deep love, looking forward to seeing you around here another day. xo babygirl.

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