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Atan Kharak-wodan – A wise warrior

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 I am a wise warrior alone

As I recall the deaths of my companions, there is no-one to unload my heart to

Ever since I placed my kin upon the pyre, I must endure alone

Silent, as we do not shed tear

Now I abandon the crimson trees, venture into ice and stone

To find the generous giver of death

A foe to guide me to the halls

Absent my khorrn to assist me, I remind myself of then

our bonds in blood and feast

But I awake from my thoughts to see the snow lashing

the hail and snow crashing down

I wish suddenly for the halls, to be welcomed with song

There is only one path to Sharoth

we must be wise warriors

Warriors cannot be wise until they have endured the winters of their life

A wise warrior must be patient

Not swift to anger, nor empty of speech

Neither rash nor fickle in battle

Bringing swift and plentiful death

The wise warrior should never lack courage, nor be greedy for plunder

Never boasting actions before they are achieved

A wise warrior must hold back promises, until they are thought through

until there exists no doubt

Word becomes everything if that is what the warrior makes it

The wise warrior must contemplate destruction

all proud warriors and their kin die

ravaged by the claw and by frost

falling in battle, dying for the truth is the highest honour

So it is that I go to die

I am a wise warrior

An ancient Silverhide poem translated to the English language.

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  1. Barack Obama 7 years ago

    ?atgaga The Gøddess

    So you gonna gimmie that good good?

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