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Attack in the Dark

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   Kade and Joanna Steadman spent the day together.  She wanted to get him a cell phone so he could have a way to reach her if he wanted to.  The excursion was interesting as he bought her a new watch, computer, and ear buds for her along with his heavy duty more functional phone.  These were just gifts for someone he was finding to so charming, kind, beautiful, and the one that makes something odd happen every time she touches him or smiles at him.  This wasn’t the first outing.  Before this they too Lilynn, a 6yr old girl who lived in their building and the daughter of his neighbors Jorge and Callista.  They took her to the park got her some new clothes and some food.  Enjoying their day until they returned to the little girls parents taking her home without so much as a thank you or anything else.  

   This outing was just as good.  Taking her to shop for a meal that he wanted to make and show her some techniques in cooking she may not know.  Together they made a homemade ramen dish with a tempura shrimp roll.  During their time making the food an intimate moment was strong and but ultimately pulled back.  Kade had never been with anyone in an intimate way and he didn’t really know what he needed to do or what needed to happen.  Did there need to be music?  Maybe.  Looking at his small very undercoated apartment side from one small black lacquer cupboard with a new bamboo plant on it and cherry blossom backdrop with gold filigree etched into it, it didn’t look too romantic.  He wasn’t comfortable with it at the moment.  Since it wasn’t her, he wanted something so they agreed for her to stay over.

   The temptation was great as they pressed up against one another, but they resisted until sleep overtook them both.  Kade curled up against her back while she lay pulled into him on his bed.

   Kade felt a bit restless and a jolt of awareness sprang through him…he was being warned!  Kade sat up to see around his dark room through his gifted sight his small apartment full of warriors from the Order of Silent Whispers surrounding his bed.  Before he could speak the grabbed Jo and 3 of the proceeded to beat Kade as he went to try and help her.  These motherfuckers don’t know who they’re messing with.


   Kade dropped rolling off his bed taking one of the men with him dislocating the man’s knee.  The masked figure fell holding his injury looking as if he were yelling but made no sound.  “Perfect.” Kade thought, “They silenced the area.”  moving from his place he was attacked by two more immediately.  He moved to put one in front of the other deflecting shots with swift parries and slipping punches.  One through a punch for him to come up underneath and plunged in to a roll flinging the man against the wall.  He came up smashing the testicles of another warrior holding tight and lifting while smashing the man in the throat planting him on the ground.  Kade is kicked in the back slamming into the cupboard knocking the new plant and vase over it smashing soundlessly against the ground.

   Kade knelt on the ground feeling the kick picking up pieces of the vase and throwing them into the faces of 3 warriors sending them to the ground holding bloody eyes.  Kade rose up as they took Jo out of his apartment, with a spinning back kick and switch up knee strike to the face two more drop.  He proceeds to grab the pistol Del gave him that he had under his bed finally getting to it to finish the others.  

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   It was too late.  The floor was now littered with debris, blood, and bodies.  Kade’s wounds closed up as he focused bringing back his flawless skin look.  His chest heaved and when he knew they were gone because he could hear his breathing now.  The gun’s slide was in full back position since he just spent the magazine into the rest of the men.  Smoke rolled out of the barrel while it was still held in his hand feeling less of the weight with the lack of ammo.  They’ve gone too far.

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   Moving the broken bed where a body lay in an unnatural pose from where Kade and slammed him into it and the frame and went through the ribs and lungs of the warrior.  Kade went into his false wall pulling the chest out staring at the mask he hadn’t worn in a few year now.  They will know why he was call the Reaping Ghost.  

To be continued…..

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