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Avatars of Raziel

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As his true form is no longer able to operate on the mortal plane without ruinous consequence, Raziel has created several earthly vessels with which to directly interact. Each of these vessels channeling an aspect of himself as well as serving a more direct purpose. As such, while each of the avatars are him, their actions and personalities can be very different As can their power levels. Normally, only one avatar is active at a time. However, if there be a reason, Raz can call upon each of his holy vessels together to act in unison.


The Vagabond:


The most prominently used avatar, The Vagabond is the embodiment of Raziel’s good will and fun loving demeanor. Standing at seven foot six inches and sculpted to look as close to his original form as possible. The Vagabond loves nothing more than too share stories and good times with those around him. Often attempting to make friends with those around him and approaching most everything with a jolly disposition. Though capable of feeling and displaying negative emotions, this is the happiest form that The Red God takes.


The Mother:



The personification of Raziels parental instincts and platonic love of mortal races. The Mother is kind and warm to those that Raziel feels protective over. Offering guidance to those that ask and protection to those that need it. Though she can be stern at times, she represents Raziel’s good intentions towards all that cross its path. She will defend those in need to the end. Using her own body as a shield if need bee. She stands at six foot three and wears leather plated armor and baring no weapons.


The Master



The Master stands at 7’6″ with an elderly visage. The red hair white with age. He wears simple under armor and loose pants tucked into boots with studded knuckle gloves. The Teacher, true to its title, represents Raziel’s knowledge and his desire to train strong students. Stern but fair in his approach, The Teacher pushes his students to be the best that they can be. Mixing harsh words and criticism at failure with encouragement and pride at their success. Much like The Mother, The Teacher is incredibly protective over his students and will face off against any threats that they face. Out of the three “Mortal” Avatars, The Teacher shows the highest combat ability.


The Warrior


The Warrior is the first of Raziel’s combat forms. Incorporating Raziel’s experiences as a god of war. The Warrior stands at 7’6 with red hair and horns. His body clad in black armor representing the demonic origins of many of his lives. In this form, Raziel is far more serious than the others. Striking at with only the power needed, causing fights to sometimes be drawn out. He will comment on his opponents skills, mixing weaponry and magic together in order to defeat those that have earned the wrath of this avatar. 


The Heroine



The heroine represents Raziel’s love of heroes and justice. Standing at seven foot even with large fiery wings and red hair, The Heroine is the defenders avatar. Providing a defensive roll to those that need help or escape. She takes to the skies, commanding the elements to strike at her enemies and offering chances to surrender lest the battle go further beyond.


The Emperor


Standing at a towering 8 feet tall and clad in white robes with golden bracers and boots. A destructive aura of red surrounds him. His red hair glistening like boiling blood. The Emperor is the last of the “Human” Avatars. A towering goliath that represents the divine worship of Raziel. The Emperor embodies fortitude and a seriousness not seen in previous Avatars. Often silent as he wields his divine power to the best of his abilities, attempting to end battles as quickly as possible. The Emperor stands as a sort of commander in times of great conflict, silently communicating with the other Avatars and directing them on how best to act.


The Berserker.


If The Emperor represents a cold calculation in battle and a willingness to strike quickly, The Berserker is the exact opposite. Standing at 8 feet tall and wearing only a tattered war skirt, The Berserker is a gleeful savage that takes pleasure in the fight. Striking hard and quick with the sole intention of causing as much damage and pain as possible. Known to “play” with its targets. The destructive aura resonating like heat from its body and slowly tearing apart that which it touches at the sub atomic level. Laughing and goading his enemies to “Hit him harder”, The Berserker is a volatile thing. Caring not for collateral damage and reveling in the destruction and pain of those around it. The Berserker represents the bloodlust of destruction and war. 


The Devil



The Devil stands as a naked giant devoid of reproductive organs. Its skin as stone with eyes of starlight and hair of primordial flame. The Devil represents natural damage and disasters. Cold, silent, not warning. Its movements slow, its attack quick and devastating. 


The Titan



The representation of divine power and judgment. The Titan is the largest of Raziel’s Avatars. Standing at a mile high and bathed in holy light. The Titan exists purely as a war form or when battle is required against other incredibly sized enemies. It wields weapons made of supernova flame and star dust. Channeling The Realm of Ruin to a terrifying degree. When The Titan is deployed, nothing within 100 kilometers survives.


The Avatar of Destruction



The Avatar of Destruction is the perfect embodiment of Raziel’s power and the ultimate extension of his divine will and power. It is the greatest of the Avatars and incorporates the skills, power, and personalities of each of the avatars that come before it.  In times of War, it acts as the commander of the other Avatars, watching and absorbing the battlefields knowladge and spreading it to the others. Standing at 10ft with six arms and clad in armor with three horrible faces. The light of the divine shines from him as do the flames of cosmic demise. This is the closest and mere mortal will ever come to seeing Raziel in his true form.

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