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Avenaging Shannon

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Author’s Note:This Story Contains References to Death and Revenge,If you don’t wish to read please click off now and if not you have been warned

Credit To:Albert Wesker

The Night before Stacy Bloodfang & Albert Wesker went out to Avenage Shannon,The Raiders went out to take the lives of The Patients in Hellgate’s Hostpial which included:Shannon Red who had married to Stacy Bloodfang and was the mother of Elizzy Bloodfang

•The Following Night•

°Stacy would hop outta the portal to see a plain field of forest as she slides down the hillslide,Not long after she had got down Albert followed letting his Silver claws rip outta of the tips of his gloves which he then would use to slow his descent down the hillside°

Stacy Bloodfang:”God I will make these people suffer for what they did to Shannon”

Albert Wesker:”Yes we will,Miss Stacy”

°Both Of Them would see smoke coming from the potential campsite fire°

Stacy Bloodfang:”Aha,there it is..Albert you know what to do”

°Albert nods as he would start running at lightning speed to outline the camp and in the meantime Stacy pulls her own version of her mother’s sword called the Voilet Sword which was a Amethyst Enchanted, Tornado Spin Handle sword°

Albert Wesker:”Hmm,yes she will do nicely as my next assistant now just to wait for those boys to leave”

Stacy Bloodfang:”So the couple in ruling has kids eh? I might just have to brainwash them and give to Albert so they can lighten up the Babysittimg work on Elizzy”

°Albert would pull the girl into the Darkness as Stacy would charge in and grab the couple in ruling°

Stacy Bloodfang:”You shall bow to me as your new ruler or else!” 

Albert Wesker:”Okay,I got the lady now.. Oh Stacy’s found the Ruler’s kids..I should grab them while there minds try to process this attack”

°Albert once again let’s the darkness take the kids to him while Stacy brainwashes the Citzens to kill there former Rulers°

Stacy Bloodfang:”I shall rename this place to Vightivia Drop,and make this a proud and strong Village..for Elizzy to one Day Rule”

Albert Wesker:”Hmm this kids are a tad resistant, Nothin magic can’t fix”

°Albert places his hands on the kid’s heads altering there story and genetics before renaming them To Jill Wesker-The Lady from before and then the Kids: Alexandrea and Quinton Wesker°

Albert Wesker:”There go,perfect now I just need to get Stacy to make me a Portal back to Hellgate”

°Stacy bents Nature to build a small village housing areas,village walls and towers before making A Statue of Shannon holding a Shield and Torch that was lit°

Stacy Bloodfang:”Now,Albert the portal is still active..just go through it and you’ll go to your desired Place”

Albert Wesker:”Alright,Miss Stacy..I hope you got everything you needed done here..” 

°Albert says as he leads his new family to the portal and heads back as Stacy would just let her spell wear off and reset people’s minds°



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