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Back on Earth.

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The voices rang out before anything else, a vast array of melodies in conversation, deep and raspy, high and sincere, flat and monotone. There was a prominent screeching sound, one of a flat line. Metal clanged on metal, wheels rolled across tile floor.

“It’s not possible, a second dimension, a portal to said dimension, it’s just not possible!”


“What more do you need as evidence to a world such as… being born into fact, no longer the fiction of children’s and preachers minds? Please tell me what else you need besides a being with unknown properties like the one before you?”


“This isn’t enough proof, how am I to know she isn’t just another one of your mutated experiments?!”


“If I could take credit for this, I would, without a second thought; do you not see the beauty of this creature? Have you even reviewed the tapes?!”


“Of course I’ve revi….”


The battered black and blue lids of Gazelle snapped open, blistering blue eyes whipping wildly about the room in a frenzy of a trapped animal. Bright lights hung above where she had been laid, blinding lights left to leave a burn in her retinas. Past the stars that now flooded her vision there was a room of white, the stench of sterilization, the out line of faces.


Her body lashed forward as if to propel herself away from the table, but she quickly found the restraints which held her body, her head in place. Shocks of pain ran through her demon constructed form, every inch ached a soreness she had never felt before. Nothing like the hell fire ants, nothing like death, nothing like torture after death, this was the pain of losing all power, something coursing through her system to render her helpless.


 “Please ma’am don’t…” The deep husky voice whispered in her direction.


“Where the fuck am I? Who the fuck are you?!” Gazelle shouted in a voice dripping of venom, oozing of evil. Despite the pain she continued to pull at her arms as if she could set herself free. With eyes still flashing wildly she could see the other members in the room back away slowly, weapons pulled forth – as if that could stop her, then again, maybe it could, what was she now? She was still dead, wasn’t she?


“You are safe, and my name is Dr.Levonde. What is your name?” He spoke as if speaking to an ill tempered child, as if she was crying for candy and his voice of promise would sooth the actions. Dr.Levonde looked much like his voice sounded. A thick wrap of facial hair covered his prominent jaw line, deep warm honey eyes blended well with his olive toned skin, and beneath the white coat that hung from his frame was a never ending build of muscle, strength piled upon strength. His face was marked with scars, some so faint only the strongest of eyes would see them, some so thick the deep pink was impossible to miss.


“My name?” Gazelle’s teeth ran across each other in a snarl, she let out a deep huff, and finally let her body relax. “Sarah. My name is Sarah.” Gazelle kept eye contact with this soft burley man. “Please let me out of these holdings… I promise I am of no harm.” With the words spoken her eyes snapped to the guns which had been pulled and pointed in her direction.


At this time, Sarah, I cannot trust that you are of no harm, my men laid in hospital beds are enough proof of that.” His thick black brows pulled together in confusion as his wide callused fingers smoothed out his forehead. “We have administered a number of drugs to try and immobilize you, yet nothing seemed to have worked. One of my men got a hold of something extremely rare, known as Anti-Magic…” The doctors’ words trailed off as if he couldn’t believe the words he spoke. “It has seemed to of, helped, but the… restraints, they are still necessary.” His face was one of apology, one of sorrow.


“Anti-Magic!? You morons used anti-magic, something you know nothing of on a person you know nothing about?!…” Gazelle’s voice raged on and on in a fit of anger, comments and slanders which played no use to the situation, her body thrashed and struggled, yet it rendered useless.


“If I agree to what you have asked of me, I will gain my freedom?” Gazelle’s voice rang out calmly, defeated.


You have my word. I hate to ask you to do this, but these people, they are the ones who sent you to the wretched place you spent so long in, they deserve it.” Dr.Levonde said in a whisper, one of remorse.


“I will need to be feed, and I need additional training, weapons, I need a form of Anti-Magic protection.” She spoke flatly, her body limp and eyes closed. “What you have done to me should be undone by tomorrow; I will need a room of sacrifices. Do you understand what I am saying?”


The Doctors eyes widened in disbelief before shaking the expression from his features. “As you wish, Sarah.”


And so continued on the sound of a flat lined heart, one of no pulse, one of no life.


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