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Battle Of Aliiskandarias Cliffside, Inder

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Thank you to all who participated and how many people checked it out, also this does contain some language

Many ships would come in view of the planet Inder and land near the targeted location, many soilders would begin to walk out of it, This was really only the Sailors’ Valley Troops, De Terra went underground to bypass the security measures, while Heartmouth attempted to bring it down and Parish Tribes and The Mafia’s Enterprise stood by

Alarms would begin to sound, alerting those on Sijiea any other allies in spacial planes, while it sent a signal back home to the Republic

Attempting to aid in the battle, The Capital’s Forces would have to fight through the enemies blockade on Sijiea, as one of the Commanders would radio back to the Capital “Captain Nidia, we have a blockade on the planet Sijiea, requesting reinforcements”

The Mafia’s Enterprise would be holding the blockade against Sijiea, trying to help there allies burn the past to ashes and get rid of anything that Kaylee Shores could use against them

The request for reinforcements were made as groups of droid ships shot across the sky. A cargo ship shot through the battle field as suddenly on the intercoms of all the soldiers said “Jedi Daedros has arrived on the battlefield. Good luck men” Daedros was dressed in sharp robes, and then he swung his two light sabers in his hand before they sot out. One a omniscient white color, and the other a pure dark crimson red color. “I am no jedi but…whatever” He says over the comms before heading out into battle.

Jadia Bay and Hopeswind Fleets would arrive at Sijiea to help fend off the blockade as Count Romeo would radio to all of the Soulhelm Pact members “Attention, All Members Of The Pact, we have a attack on Inder, AC and a blockade on the Star Divisions of Sijiea, we ask for as much aid as soon as possible”

“Copy that, The Obanasu Commonwealth will assist you against the Enterprise” Danielle radioed over to Count Romeo, as they would move quickly and follow behind Daedros

Patragoldble would arrive with the Commonwealth, this time, they would not allow someone else to die, not again, lead by newly appointed General, Myles Chirstina “Daedros, this is General Myles Chirstina asking you to accompany me to the outskirts of the town to fend off the enemy”

Daedros looked behind himself looking to the new soldires and he smiled. This reminded him of when he worked of the empire. Shots were passing by him, shots that were defelcted and shooting off into the open space as he ran through and one by one his enemys dropped around him before throwing his saber, then force pulling a few of the soldiers and taking them out before his saber comes back to him

De Terra would start to take on the forces of Patragoldble, while the Parish Tribes would start to fight against Daedros’ forces, one of the soilders would taunt the boy “Wheres your master, is she dead? Did we cripple her legs enough?”

A shot had passed by Daedros’s head before he did a small back flip as artillery had come down, then over the coms one of the generals said* “Airstrike incoming, hold on a few more moments” Daedros looked to the soldier, haterd ran through this young boy of 17 but he was tought somewhat good. His hand lifted as he began to force choke the soldier “Which one?” *He says as having 3 masters

Natalia would jump down from her ship as she would try to radio to Grevious “Grevious, we have a code yellow, Inder, bring reinforcements soon and get Inculta out here” Natalia would light up her sabers and speak to Daedros “Hes talking about me boy, don’t get foolish” She said as she fended off the enemies going at Daedros

Finally after about 20 minutes, Republic Portals would begin to emerge and soilders poured out and went at the Heartmouth Troops, putting the best strategy in possible, lead by Vice Chancellor Gold Everston and Commissioner Mordecai Red

“Not foolish, trying to concentra…” Then he was hot onto his left shoulder making him drop his saber, Quickly he rolled on the ground and sheathed it now only using his white pulsing saber which almost had whispered with each hum, Then he did a 75 degree angle flip cutting several soldiers over their chest, waist and shoulders as they had fallen dead

The Commonwealth would start to blast through many ships of the Enterprise’s, as they would hack into the Enterprise’s Communication Channel and provide access codes to allies, specifically the Capital to give em an edge in helping their allies “Commander on-board the Capital Ship, go move your forces to help on Inder, we can handle them here”

The Capital Ships would move past the Rings Of Asteroids, as Captain Nidia radio’s to Jadia Bay and Hopeswind “Assist the RCIS in their fight against Sailors’ Valley, we’ll go stop any reinforcements from arriving” Nidia said as the forces would go beyond Sijiea and attempt to hold off any reinforcements

And out behind Gold and Mordecai was the 7’9″ male Naos with his nine dark deadly tails flowing behind him. His lightsaber hanging from his right side of his belt and his Dragon Vibranium Katana with bloodstone eyes called Duramasa sheathed on his left hip.

“Natalia I think they have cut coms down, I don’t think Grievous can hear us.” Daedros says slowly pushing forwards more of the fight. Again he threw his lightsaber, decapitating men as he force chocks another lot of men before his saber comeback in which he would begin to block any oncoming fire from the soldiers who were behing him

Unannounced to the pact members the Enterprise used this chance to taunt the Republic, mainly the Vice Family “You have been lied to, by many, there is a traitor among you and they must now face there greatest challenge very soon..”

Natalia would cuss to herself as she looked at her student, as she saw Jadia Bay and Hopeswind arrive to help cover them “Have you tried contacting Inculta?” She said as began to coordinate a strategy with Patragoldble and kept helping Daedros hold the newly drawn line

General Myles Chirstina would take the ground, as a stone wall would form as an extra layer of defense “Commissioner Mordecai Red, can you try to contact the Koros System or is that?” He said as his troops rushed out and began to do what they could

“I tried before I got to the battlefield. Nothing, I just hope they arn’t held prisoners or captured.” Then within that time the screttching of droid ships had come down and rained down bombardments of cluster bombs off in the distance destroying both artillery and men “Theres are chance, we can move closer faster now master”

Gold and Unity would take the task of the leading the armies, however suddenly the ground started to shake from the explosions “I hope those aren’t impact type bombs, Rep Natalia” Mordecai said

The Obanasu Commonwealth would finish off the enemy blockading Sijiea and radio over “Well if there gonna cut our comms, then I’m gonna scramble there’s like eggs” Danielle said and then would scramble all communication channels originating from Ga Oihola

This was terrible, something almost didn’t feel right. Daedros could feel it within the force, his head gave a small shake before deflecting more blaster fire. Suddenly a tesla defense droid shut up from the mud and shot lighting onto Daedros “Natalia!!” He says in pain slowly falling to the ground

Natalia would feel it too, quickly moving into protect her student, beginning to spin her sabers to block the lightning “We’re losing ground! General Myles! We need reinforcements!”

“Copy that, Soilders, X Attack Protocol” General Myles stated as they begin to cover north, east, south and west, in an effort to not allow the De Terra to sneak up on the RCIS 

The Commonwealth would quickly deploy something, they’ve been working on, which were smoke bombs, to get the De Terra out of the ground, a strategy, they picked up the RCIS, then sending soilders to backup Patragoldble, so they can help the RCIS

The lighting shot through Daedros before Natalia had come for his rescue and blocked the lighting. “RHAAA” *His hand lifted, and so did the defense droid as it was smashed with the force. They were becoming outnumbered before daedros brought his hands to his chest. Anger quickly flooded his body before a pulse was seen shooting into Daedros’s body, and then it let out. Strokes of lightning shot out as he impulsed, the soldeirs around them slowly incinerating with crys. He fell to his knees for a moment and looked up

With hearing the enterprise about the traitor in the republic. But he didn’t want to think there was. ” Noctis is on Hellifyno dealing with his upset citizens with Bloody Wing setting up a listening device just outside the city limits to listen to the on goings of the City. Ben has been out hunting Myke Wildflame for the death of Anakin, Anakin is still healing from his rebirth. Grimoire is handling some issues. The council of Nareth is dealiing with some issues as well plus comforting Layla on Aramis’s Coma.. ” He reports of Koros Systems activities. to Natalia.

Sailors’ Valley would shoot a ice bomb at the stone ice, freezing it and getting into its cracks and then another bomb, would shake the foundation of the wall and start to crack it “Same old strategy huh? So how about some more death~” An Heartmouth General would say

“Copy that, we’ll do what we can” Natalia said, as she saw the wall starting to crumble and her hand would extend to hold it up, then another hand would extend, it was that of Mabel’s “Naos! Daedros, us the force on the wall, we can push it back if we focus our energy on it!” Mabel said as her eyes would change to that of a sith lord shade of red

“Yes mam” Daedros said slowly getting up of the ground and lifting his hands out. Suddenly he added onto the wall as the force was seen as a pulse holding the wall and helping

Gold would extend her hands and begin to push against the wall, she didnt have the force but she had telepathically, however she never felt the energy of the planet begin to fuel her and something that Bastet had alluded to Naos about, would finally be reborn, as a red and black beast with nine tails was finally brought back inside her, corruption was consuming her in her anger “WHATEVER LIES YOU HAVE ABOUT MY FAMILY, THIS IS OUR BUSSINESS NOT YOURS, YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!”

Patragoldble Forces would be flabbergasted by the enemies bombs being the strong, so General Myles would radio to Mabel “Lemme know when, my forces will deal with whatever we can during the moment”

Another bomb would be readied, while they waited for the pressure of the rocks to overwhelm its users, they were plotting something and it was gonna happen whether or not one wanted it to

Naos nodded and used the force telekinesis on the wall with Mabel and Daedros and the dark and light of the force surrounds Naos like Anakin Solo had taught him and had him also into the waters of knowledge and power just like Ani.

Mabel would speak “On 3!” Mabel said as she would let Patragoldble know first “3!”

General Myles would use his magic to strengthen the impact and the sharpness of the rocks that had been shattered as they were thrown at the enemy

It was in Daedros’s past to have both the light and the dark being related to Anakin skywalker and Reven Skywalker. Of course Daedros hadnt know, but Naos could feel it fully from the way Daedros acted…and his inherited force powers

Gold would use all of her newfound strength and powers, as what stood where she was, was a monster of a mother trying to protect her family, the true form of a daughter of a goddess

The Rocks would go flying at the enemy, taking out the ground forces, now it was a matter of taking care of De Terra

Aiding the Commonwealth with there tech attack on the De Terra, blasts of light would flow from the ground of Inder, incinerating the enemies of goo and ink, they made short work of it


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