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Battle Of Pono Makuahine {Jasmine’s Orgins Arc} Chapter 2:Part 4

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An Distress Signal would be sent to all allies of Hopeswind, this was wierd, normally they could hold there own

There was no sight of the enemy over the Deserts Of Hopeswind, this was odd as everyone knew today was the founders’ birthday, so it wouldn’t be odd that they would be here

Flooding in from the north and south, The Republic Of Everston and Kaylee Shores were the first ones to respond to the Queens’ distress signal as they proudly marched into the desert, to see the glorious kingdom that Queen Star has built

Asteroid Falls would also come to the aid of Hopeswind, ready for a fight against the dammed Voilettes

Naos marches with Vergil Sparda by his side with what Bastet created

Overhead the army swiftly pulled together by Chancelloress Shannon Everston was the shuttle of the child of the Chancelloress, aboard was Gold, Amethyst, Unity and Albert Jr as over the JB1C comms, Shannon would speak “I would’ve expected them to be outside..this is wierd..”

” Unless they called us here to attack elsewhere.” Naos says over the comms. 

“We had a confirmation from a member of their mafia, today, right at their kingdom doorsteps..unless.. Lucky’s actually gotten smart” Shannon said

“Maybe try invesgativing until the rest of us can arrive” Illy made a comment over the radio, also alerting Anakin Solo and his father of the distress signal

“Keep your guard up, Hopeswind is still newest nation on the map, If they caught Star or Rosemary off guard, then we have an issue” Susan also comments

” They seemed obsessed with the twins but Stella and the children are with my brother Dante are safe.” Vergil says over the comms. Anakin and Ben’s shuttle lands near the allies army. The father and son walks out of the shuttle with a squad of troops.

As the Armies settled in, Asteroid Falls troops were seen going into the Kingdom to scout it out, as they would discover many of the Mafia Troops holding darksabers and guns to Star and Rosemary who were tied up “Well, nice entrance, Yatsuki, too bad your mother in-law croaked like a frog” Someone said over the Oppressed Allies Channel

Amethyst being the rash decision maker, would because Shannon wasn’t there in person, she would have the army begin to secure the Kingdom and any underground secrets “My, little sis, I’m impressed” Gold commented

With a blast of Hyper Space, Jadia Bay would arrive, as Illy would ask Krystal for a status report on the situation

Following them, the ground would crack open, emerging from them, was The Capital, Nora Peninsula and The Evel Hells reinforcements

Naos scouts out the kingdom with Anakin.

From the Kingdom, troops ran out, some holding knifes, guns, darksabers, beginning to fight the unsupecting ones

“HOLD THE LINE” Amethyst yelled as she jumped down from the shuttle to assist those who needed it as Gold would cover Naos’ back with Unity and Albert Jr

Naos and Anakin ignites their sabers and fight back

Illy and her troops ran through the mess, trying to get to wherever Star and Rosemary were as Selenne would be fully enraged “HOW FUCKIN DARE YOU, EMPRESS LUCKY! ATTACK MY FAMILY AND HOME THAT I AND MY DAUGHTER BUILT FROM NOTHING ON MY DAMMED BIRTHDAY! I’D BE GLAD TO EAT YOUR FUCKING BODY AND KEEP YOUR HEAD AS A TROPHY!’

The full force of the capital was being shown here, as Susan would be in this fight, personally “EVERYONE HIT THE DECK! FIND SOME COVER! THERE NAVAL AND AIR FLEETS ARE CLOAKED AND PREPARING THERE FIRE POWER”

Naos was also attacking with his nine deadly tails and send a blast of green acid lightning from his left hand. Naos and Anakin Fight their way to cover.

Gold in the speed of light would abandon her post covering Anakin and Naos, she would run to Amethyst, pushing her behind the cover the ship “Don’t be stupid sis, but I’m trusting you with the ship, now go avenage your grandparents” Gold said as Amethyst got into the pilots seat and took off, firing at the ships trying to take the enemy down

“Letting a twelve year old, command a ship, how fucking pathetic are you? Goddess Of Corruption?” The Princess asked over the comms

Some ships would cover some Protection to the tie fighter by some of Dusk’s troops, as their goal was to locate the command ship and bring the Princess into Custody as she was as old as Amethyst “Capture the Daughter of Lucky Voilette, she will be placed on trial in Everston”

“Push! Push!” Susan said as she just would ride her Sythce like a broomstick, wishing to deal with the Princess herself

Naos hits a button on his bracer and with speed a two seater Tie silencer comes to where Naos and Anakin was taking cover. The two of them get in the Tie silencer and take off defending Amethyst.  

“Flagship located, making an opening in the captains deck now” Amethyst said over the radio as there was a blast and soon a wall in one of the ships was shattered

Susan would land at the site of the newly formed hole and place her palm up, threating to the princess should she not surrender “If you cooperate, I’ll let you live, with a clean slate, away from the tyrants that is your mother”

“Your letting that kid live?” Selenne barked into the comms “She’s a fucking pawn to her mother, she’s just a kid and should be given the same chance we’ve given their so called backup heir” Jada says over comms

“If she surrenders peacefully, Queen Susan, I wish to raise her as my own” Jill says over the comms

“Her mother threaten my children I say she should Be put on trial.” Naos says over the comms

“I thought no one..would ever save me from matter how bad I presented myself to be” Princess Chloe Voilette speaks as a holographic version of Empress Lucky appeared “Execute Protocol B2V, you have failed me now you will die” Guards begin to fire at The Former Princess

Naos appear near the princess taking the bullets into his back armor. shielding her.

“She will testify for her crimes, however like Jada said, she’s pretty much a pawn to Lucky, so I say we use her to get info on where they are.. exactly, then your wish will be granted Ms Xanderson” Susan said as she cover the princess, before jumping into Gold’s Shuttle 

“Father! In the flagship, there is a self destruct button in it, press it and run!” Gold says over communications

Illy and Star’s forces would take care of the Ground Mafia Troops with quick ease, requiring the Kingdom

Naos looks and find the self destruct button then presses it and runs and jumps out of the opening and he turns into his Ferath Dragon form as he was falling. 

The Mafia Fleet would explode into small bits, this battle would be the one to ready us for the final battle


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