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Before the storm & Triggering of memories

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-=Twine, Sunday 10th May, Approx. 11.25pm Hellifyno Standard Time=-

Behind his mask he was smiling, he knew they wouldn’t do this. “Allow this, and no further harm will come to the magical beings and the traitors to our kind that ally with them. Ignore this proposal and…” He sighed, and you can tell there was joy in his voice… “We will of course move on to our next phase.”

[The words repeated back along with the gentle rhythmic hum of a television device, the only other sound besides the gentle howling of winds outside; signalling late winter storms; and the repeated tapping of a shoe upon hardwood flooring. It was the unmistakable pacing of someone who was, to say the least, worried. Worried and pondering, for goodness knows how long into the night before and after this little scene, having repeated the world-wide message a number of times per]

[The person in question, Kaler, sat upon the large plump sofa, within the centre ground-floor of his high-placed house in the mountains of Twine, large flat-screen located about two metres away, on the other side of a large coffee table, of which contained a cup of hot-cocoa, a few strewn biscuits, and a half-nommed can of Original Pringles. What had begun as a peaceful stay in to calm his nerves had quickly turned into a few hours of worry, contemplation, and thought processing. The words that this man; no, less than a man; named “Krieger” told in said message were enough to raise hairs for this inquisitive sunny boy; previously untouched memories of his youth even sprung up because of it]

[Not just because of what it entailed; what they sought for that was both accessible, and in some cases totally unavailable for him and the others to obtain. But the way he presented it. Kaler too had the curiosity at the time to view through the screen at the man with super-vision; since that worked often; and those memories triggered at the utter maniacal-outlook of the man. Not scarring triggers, no, but wary ones, of /his/ Earth’s World Wars, how the leaders had taken upon the arts of magic to carve new feats of fear in their history, driving them mad with power]

[Explosions to the left, gunfire to the right. The sky, once so compassionate and blue, rendered smog-filled and overcast, displaying the turn of the tides in the world as the war raged on. On the ground, soldiers of either side fought against one another, with weapons of all sorts; some the common lead-shooter, others the rare higher advanced laser equipment. It was a nightmare, one of chaos, blood, and unforgiving fields of death. One boy did stand amongst them differently however, one light of hope to inspire others, whilst he himself doubted his own actions, as he ran head-first into the fray, dodging bullets and bashing heads, with his fists and speed alone….]

[This reminded him of that, and it didn’t sit well in his stomach. He could tell from the way he spoke, too, that this wasn’t a human for reasoning with. He knew humans well; for an alien; and to him, Krieger presented nothing but lies, deceit, and an unbending passion for killing all those like Kaler himself. A strange twist, for he recognised the man’s face as he did this; the very man who introduced them to the Solar System those few months ago….]

[Humans almost never changed, to the eyes of many. Kaler, being as sympathetic as he were, wanted to believe this was false. That they could do good more than they did bad. But, could he really blame them? He understood the greater meaning behind their hatred; away from the threats, the prior wars, the kerfuffle with magical beings. The true reason was: Fear. Any human would have it, in the face of magic; the /unknown/; that was it. Humans feared the unknown, no matter how just about it they are, or how determined, something about it just shakes them to the core. No wonder, when you’re powerless against beings of god-like calibres who walk around almost as if they own the place]

“Why…. why can’t we just sit and talk…. d-does no one want to just talk??”

[Speaking to himself for the moment, his thoughts lost endlessly to the tides of time]

[Kaler only wished he could go and talk to them himself, personally. Just, speak to the people who apparently shun his existence, as well as any other magical being; even their own kind, who don’t agree with their morals. Despite the threats; despite the AM; despite even the asteroid & zombie madness, he’d still want to find some sort of common ground with them. Why? Because that’s just how Kaler works. He’d fight if needed (not like he really could), but he was a being of peace, and wished the world would just agree to calm down, and talk it out. Olde Watch had /some/ reasonable arguments, that was certain, but /how/ they’re going about it? Didn’t sit right with Kaler /at all/; he was worried that something was coming. Something, however large or small, was going to happen really soon. And it might just decide the fate of the world….]

[But, enough of that for this point; with a few notes written on, and some hefty thinking, the stamina-filled sun child was indeed needing sleep; sleep for the mind more so than the body, and preparation for some more isolated zombie cleanup movements]




-=Sol Station, Wednesday 13th March, Approx. 5:00pm Hellifyno Standard Time=-

(Note: writer has changed the nature of the space-station)


“Gah…. these images…. W-why do they pop up only now??”

[There had been conflict in the boy those previous days; not against anything other than the remaining and surviving zombies, but rather, within himself. With the advent of the rather war-like ambitions of Olde Watch; without anything specifically said; Kaler’s 34-year-old mind had begun to tell him memories of the past, things that he had consciously chosen to forget, since they involved days of uncertainty, and bloodshed]

[He sought to calm himself by returning to his home in the stars; or rather, just beyond /the/ star, the one within the centre of this universe. The huge panels that identified his quaters windows, situated to the left of where he now sat upon the ground, on a soft carpet, overlooking the grand orb of the Solar System, the very thing keeping the life here thriving and alive. Keeping him alive too, well-bodied & spirited, like a gentle carer constantly feeding him everything he could need and more within his sunny self]

[The memories? Those of the war; his worlds WW2; a much harsher incantation of the true war that other, less magical and more normal worlds had. Most basic guns and airborne devices remained, however some strengthened with new technological advances, and some even magical advances, most notably by the enemy. It was a weird mix, much like this world even; for a period of time it was a mad blend of pre-modern, modern, magical & space-level tech, the latter two only in small handfuls, and in fact available to the allies thanks to none other than Kaler himself, the strange soon-to-be-known-as alien from another world; seems even a small escape pod has enough advanced tech to replicate in a good volume of ways]

[Even so, it wasn’t something Kaler admired about his past, not fully. He was thankful that it didn’t end badly, and eventually they could route their axis enemies before anymore violence claimed the small sections of untouched world around them. But what he had to do, at times, to achieve this, was not something he had enjoyed. A pacifist at heart despite being able to, and sometimes willing to go out and kill, he still wished it didn’t have to come to that sometimes. It stressed him out, fists balling at the carpet below him as he sat, his breath a slight bit shaken, a look of stress upon his features]

“How would it work…. What can Anthem ask of him? Will…. would he even accept what she’d offer?”

[His tenancy to speak out loud to himself returns frequently, mostly when he’s alone in situations like this. Call him unintentionally 4th wall breaking, but Kaler had that mindset which made him just talk, which perhaps stopped him from feeling alone, even. There’s something to think about]

“What would she offer? Or, ask, plan, tell, describe-” [A brief pause, to again attempt to think more things over]

“Anthem’s smart enough…. r-right? No but the look on his face….no hiding that, no no, at least not to me, dang it. Why now? Why do this? “

[That mumbling of his continued incoherently for the time being, as he muttered out potential thoughts, possible events to transpire soon, maybe even solutions, but most were obviously flawed. Against an enemy like this, he had little to no ideas for. It pained him that he didn’t know enough; the poor lad still only being around for about 6 months, compared to the long lives of many others here who understood the core of Olde Watch better than he did]

[What could /he/ do right now, he asked himself. What would be a wise thing to do, or get- stock up on, in the event of a bad scenario like this happening. He thought about Olde Watch; their main prowess? AM. He’d be practically useless besides his speed, which could potentially let him get the drop before they shot him with it, or activated it. But what else they had worried him; he knew they must have something else, but what?, he didn’t know]

[That’s when an idea came about. If in the event he couldn’t use powers, then, best he stock up on something that isn’t magic, right? He understood weapons; a trait he kind of wish he didn’t have due to how he got it; so he could operate them, and he knew lots of people in this world sold them. From basic tech like an old pistol, to that of laser devices. He decided, he’d get a whole bunch. He wanted to at least be ready. But, at the same time, his orders were to be more stun-based than killing]

[But, with that mindset in check, he went about with his idea. He sent out a messaged order to people on Hellifyno; All-Corp being one of them, with orders for an assortment of general human-level tech, specific things that, after a lengthy bit of self-thought, he believed would be enough to not be affected by AM. And by lengthy that meant the whole day, virtually non-stop thought. Within said day, the supplies began arriving at his quiet sun-orbiting ship/station, a few different firearms, some rifles, others small pistol-like devices fit for a normal pocket of sorts. He also went a bit technical with some things: small, mini-EMP devices, a few flash-bang detonators, and a lesser-communicator device. Just in case. He still didn’t know how well Kurai’s tech would deal with the substance]

[Once virtually the whole day had gone by time-wise, Kaler felt he was at least a bit more set. Within his station he had collected a bunch of emergency devices and pieces for usage when the time may come, and he’d begin to move more of what he had into his Twine homage. Though, at the end of it all, he did begin to doubt himself a little bit, staring at his hands for who knows how long]

[}”Why am I doing this?”{, }”This feels so….wrong”{, }”A-am I….doing the right thing?”{; those sorts of thoughts played within his mind at this instance. He disliked how he doubted himself, though he knew why, having always favoured no weapons before coming here. But, maybe it was for the best, to have an emergency-device present, especially here where, even people like him could suffer consequences so it seemed]

[But, either way, onto the last thing he needed to do before he called it a day. In his hand he held a sent supply, one of the latest of All Corp’s zombie-vaccines. Kaler knew that he himself would be quite capable of stopping them from touching him, but, better safe than sorry. So, into the arm it tried to go!- Wait, ‘tried?’] “H-huh? What th- ….oh, dang it.” [A brief face-palming moment, as the needle tip had dented slightly upon attempted administering to himself. Curse his usually helpful invulnerability]

“This is going to be a long night….”


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