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Begin Again

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When they had returned home to Haven, Allegra and Jack had accompanied Striker straight to Juliet in the medbay. She had been sitting on one of the stools, writing out chemical equations for whatever she was currently dreaming up. She was on her feet and at Striker’s side before the door even closed.

“What happened?” She asked, slipping instantly into surgeon mode.

“I tried to kill him.” Allegra said in French.

Juliet paused for half a second to look at Allegra, then went right back to inspecting the injury, speaking in English still. “Bullshit, Allie. So you were in Haze and things went wrong. What were you using when this happened?”

“My sais.” Allegra replied.

“Merde. I was hoping you wouldn’t say that. No wonder the first surgeon had trouble. Alright. I can fix it so that he’ll have full use of the arm, if I hurry. I hope. Everyone out. Now, shoo!” Juliet practically pushed them out of the medbay so she could get to work.

Allegra fell back against the cold stone wall opposite the medbay’s closed doors, sighing heavily. “If it’s possible to fix him, Juliet can do it. She’s good, very good.”

She had closed her eyes, but now she opened them and looked at Jack, worry darkening her red amber gaze. “What happens now?”

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  1. Author
    Allegra Gliss 4 years ago

    She loved every moment of feeling him cum inside her. It was glorious, incomparable… suddenly she knew what the big deal was. Allegra shifted slightly, gasping as he moved inside her when she shifted, but once the tremors subsided, she snuggled up against his chest. His words brought a smile to her face. 

    “You’re pretty damn incredible, too.” She replied, her own voice heavy with sleep. “It’s alright, sleep if you can, you need the rest. I don’t think I have anything to say that won’t wait. Mostly just praise and other exclamations of amazement. A few ideas I’ll want to try after you’ve had some rest…” Allegra smiled against his chest but it quickly turned into a yawn. She pressed a kiss to his chest. She didn’t want to move. She was exactly where she wanted to be. This was a sort of contentment she had never experienced before. 

    You’re in love with him, you know…



    You’re just going to go to sleep?



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