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After all the events that have occurred kida lays in bed, her wounds have healed completely as has her mind. She is back to her glowing self. She sits up as Trink brings a cup of coffee in to her room. “here you are miss kida” she nods to him and takes the cup as he turns and leaves. She sits there and thinks.

“what am I suppose to do now. We have at least 300 people who were taken and made homeless.”

“perhaps we can construct a new housing plan..” her thoughts trying to organize.

Kida nods to her self, sips her coffee then sets it on the side table as she swings her one leg over the edge, she reaches for her metal leg, attaching it for the day she stands up and moves over to the desk that was still in her room, she begins writing up plans and directions. Trying to better compose and adjust her thoughts, after a few minutes she decides its well enough for now. She grabs the coffee and her paper and walks out of her room.

She is in nothing but her black boyshorts as she wanders through her mothers house, she finds a computer and signs in, typing what was on the paper she sends everything to the head of her construction teams. Then shuts down the computer goes back to her room as she pulls on a black pinstripe tight pencil skirt, a tan bra, and a white silk blouse. She pulls a pair of 4in black heels onto her usual bare feet, and twists her long pink hair into a tight bun. Then after getting dressed she turns and picks up the brief case that is leaning against the wall by the door, she heads downstairs and leaves the house. Her heels clicking with every step as she walks down the road.

Once she is about a mile down the road, she glances around to check to see if she is alone, only then can she opens the portal to twine and step in, once inside the portal she travels along the interstellar highway and appears, standing in the middle of the city, she straightens up her clothes as she begins to head off towards the old tower.

As she arrives on to the location, a large group of ogres, the ones she has hired, are there and setting up. First thing first. The tower must come down. She moves behind a large piece of protective metal barrier for the soon to come explosion, the ogres move around the outside of the tower, near the base. And then move inside, setting live charges through out the whole thing. Once they are finished and all behind their own barrier, one of the head ogres in charge hands kida the detonation switch. “ready when you are ma’am.” He lowered his head as she grins and presses the button. A few loud BOOM’s erupt from the massive tower, sending brick and concrete everywhere. A large dust cloud rolls past the barriers as she fans the air infront of her face. She nods and opens her briefcase, pulling out a check list and grabbing the ogres comm system. “phase 1 has been completed. Removal of the debris should begin. Clean this place up before I get back. Level the dirt while your at it.” Her words are sharp and to the point. This is the business side of kida. Not a lot of people see it. But its very much there. She turns to face the ogre. “good work, but please keep up with it. I want this full project done in as little time as possible. For now I need to go and take a look at the people who were taken..” the ogre bows his head again and as she turns and walks back towards the city.

As she enters that bustling city of portals, she goes to the hotel where the displaced people were staying, she walks in and asks the desk clerk to call them all down. The short lady nods her head and calls them all. And they begin to pour in from the stairs and elevator. She claps her hands a little to get everyone’s attention. “excuse me… “ as she talks some begin to quiet down as they stare at her. “I need everyone to listen and listen well.. for the time being you all will still have to stay here. Each and every one of you are more than welcome to find what ever pleases you in the city. But I ask that everyone stays calm and collected. We are in the process of building you all new places to live so please be patient with us. Each person will have a weekly allowance of money to survive on. You can use it for whatever suits you. Just be polite. And clean up after yourselves… that is all. “ as she finishes a few people yell from the back “who are you?” “we want to go to our homes” “your not our boss” as they are voicing their complaints and questions,  kida clenches a fist and then lets her light shine out, the gold, warming light covers everyone inside the hotel. She takes a deep calming breathe staring at the massive crowd infront of her. “I am the mother of this island. Please. Your homes are no more. Some were torn down and others have been reassigned. I’m very sorry for this inconvenience. But please we are working on it.” She lets her light fade out as her heels click on the ground as she is walking away. She moves back to her portal and steps in, turning to face the city she smiles softly. “this should work its self out.” and like that she is back where she started

Now she needs to find jobs for all these people. Maybe valno can help with that task. Kida begins walking down the road and fades off into another one of her portals taking her to one of her mothers establishments.


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