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Believing In Justice

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“For your crimes against human kind and all of existence, prepare to face your justly deserved punishment!”

Luna’s imagined her own death so many times it’s but a familiar memory now. People who were stronger willed might have tried to change their future so they die another time, but a stronger willed person might not have ended up on Luna’s path to begin with.

Immortality was a silly thing. Luna could take countless bullets, be decapitated, all sorts of unpleasant, nasty, gory things and still sit back up.

She’d die casting her most powerful spell yet.

“You cannot become a god. And for attempting to, you deserve death!”

As long as you had magic to use, you’d survive. So, burn all your magic, and there’s nothing left to bring you back. Luna knew this.

“Loon, if you mean it, then put your money where your mouth is!”

If Luna was stronger willed, she might try to change the future, fighting her dearest friend until she died.

If Luna was stronger willed, she might have felt sadness for this inevitable downfall, but this end was… perhaps everything she could ask for. Too bad it was a while away.

Far up in the night sky, her fake diamond pendant, the secret trump card she carried close to her heart every day. A simple little gemstone that was far more valuable than any diamond or gold. Any magic channeled through it amplified to god-like heights, and to have such a large, perfect piece of that rock was something too dangerous for mortals. A parting gift from her father, Luna had never considered it. It protected her, and it would end her all the same.

The stars shone bright, the full moon at Luna’s back – she stared down the offending brunette. The gem thrummed with power, the light growing blinding. She shouted something above the growing ringing of escalating power, maybe it was I’m sorry or I hate you or It didn’t have to be like this.

Rye’s voice was utterly clear.


With an ear splitting crack, Luna’s attack fired off like lightning, searing hot and blindingly fast. It didn’t stop. Luna had to close her eyes, it was so white and hot and loud that there wasn’t any point in trying to see what was happening.

There wasn’t anything after that. Luna could only surmise that, if her future stopped at that moment, there wasn’t any of it left.

She’d died so many times before. One of them had to be for good.

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