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Betrayal at Its Finest

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(Rated MA for a reason. Mentions of rape, violence, lots of colorful language, and sex.)

If you were bound for hell why not sin a little?

At least that was Molly’s way of thinking when she’d first discovered she had the ability to kill without feeling remorse. Sleep was a distant memory, and her lack of it combined with a steady flow of alcohol hadn’t exactly been doing any favors for her state of mind. The more she drank the more the past and the present seemed to flow together, each consumed by chaos. She was bound to end up somewhere covered in blood that wasn’t hers in the morning, but her blurred mind didn’t really highlight this for her. 

A neanderthal from a group of idiots had stumbled to her side of the bar and intended to make himself heard over the steady beating of the club’s music. Molly really couldn’t give two shits, but he obviously was trying to gain her attention each time he took a swig of what looked like cheap whiskey. By the end of the night, she’d gotten so used to his company that she’d actually began answering him.

“God I wanted to punch him in the face so hard it was making my dick hard!”

“That’s disgusting.”

“Well it’s my line, so don’t use it.”

“I wouldn’t want to, because I know for a fact that I don’t have a dick.”

This little line had him busting a gut, the male doubling over until he fell face first into the floor out cold. Molly just watched him for a moment as she tried to make a decision whether to take him back with her just to gut him later in the morning, or to leave his ass face down for someone else to worry about. She decided to go with a different option entirely, which wasn’t something she usually did. He ended up in her apartment, naked might she add, on her bed. Mumbling shit that would never make sense even if Molly had been somewhat sober at the time. With a grunt from effort, Molly had shoved the large male onto the floor of her bedroom,  allowing herself to settle on her bed for the night. Little did she know, that the idiot on the floor became the closest thing to the only love she never had. 


“Damn it Molly, what the actual fuck?!” 

“Shut the hell up Tucker and just grab the bitch, we need to hide her somewhere.” 

“Why the fuck am I always the go-to person for this, you’re the deranged psychopath!”

“And you’re my bitch. Now shut up and grab her legs, we’ll dump her in the water.”

It had been a normal night for Molly, but Tucker was still new to this. She’d introduced him to the ways of killing a few months back, but he still grew nervous and fidgety each time there was a body in sight. Tucker was a serial killer in the making, he just needed a push in the right direction. He’d surprised her the morning after their first meeting, the male standing awkwardly in the corner with a pillow covering his manly parts. 

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“Did we…? You know…” 

It was at that moment that Molly found him endearing. “Are you asking if I popped your man cherry? Because if you are, then no.” The relief on his face had made her laugh out loud, nearly making him crap his pants. Later that day he’d explain why he’d been so worried. He’d found her beautiful and wasn’t sure if him being drunk and a virgin really mixed well. She just slapped him on the back with a grin, telling him that he could only dream of having sex with her. Not that he wasn’t handsome enough, oh that definitely wasn’t the case. He was very handsome, which only surprised her when he admitted to never having sex before. Molly soon did take his virginity from him, which only gained his loyalty towards her. Your first love is always the hardest to forget. 

Here they were now, holding a body that had been stabbed repeatedly over the course of the night for giving Molly a sideways glance at the wrong time. With a heave, the body was thrown over the bridge, hitting the water with a splash, the large brick tied to it made it dive underneath the lapping waves. Tucker stood to the side, watching as the body was swallowed by the dark water. His curly brown hair fell over his green eyes making him seem almost child-like in the moonlight, his broad chin and shoulders being the manliest part of him visibly at the moment. Decked out in a sweatshirt and sweatpants, he wasn’t really an eye catcher until someone looked at his face. He had a boyish smile when he wasn’t frowning that made any girl melt on the spot, a light in his eyes when he wasn’t watching bodies sink into the never ending abyss below them that shook the earth to its core. 

“Tuck…” The simple word got the reaction she wanted, the male straightening up and giving the female next to him his undivided attention. “Don’t leave me now, you’re too deep into this.”

“I know… I know.” Was all he answered with each night this would happen, but Molly could see the frightening disturbed look in his eyes that grew each passing night. Each body gave the once boyishly handsome male a dark feeling to him. This dark feeling gained him more popularity than he thought with the women, but he’d deny each for the affection of one. Molly gave him sex, but he soon wanted more than that. He wanted love.

“Molls… I’m in love with you.” It happened one night after a few rigorous sessions of passionate sex. Molly hadn’t been prepared for it and did the only thing she knew how to: She rolled out of bed, got dressed, and walked away. She spent the next few nights out on the scene, killing a hooker, and two business men out of boredom, but found herself back at Tucker’s apartment by the end of the week. It had taken her by surprise when he made the confession, but she slowly realized that maybe she could give the big neanderthal a chance. Hell, he was murdering for her, giving her sex, and willing to go the extra mile and buy food for her. Why not just see how this goes?

What she didn’t expect was to open the door and find him positioned between another whore’s legs, pounding away to his heart’s content. The brunette lying on the kitchen table would writhe and moan, her nails scratching down his large arms for something to grip as he shook the table with his rough thrusts. He was obviously hurting the small woman, her cries turning painful as he bit down on her neck hard enough to draw blood. Instead of fleeing the scene, Molly would step into the apartment and slam the door shut behind her. The door shutting caught the writhing bodies’ attention, but Tucker didn’t seem to stop, even as he made eye contact with Molly. He seemed to go even harder if it were possible, the brunette below him now crying her soul out, tears streaming down her face in buckets. She had begun to cry for him to stop, her hands beating and clawing at his chest, but he never stopped.

Molly watched from a distance, unamused by his way of getting even with her…. or at least that’s what she thought he was doing. By the way he was pounding into the poor soul without holding back, he obviously didn’t care about her well being. Tucker was not an average man by a long shot, being 6’5 and weighing 264 pounds of bulking muscle, he would be one hell of a line backer if he hadn’t ended up in Molly’s grip. It didn’t take long until Tucker was getting close to an impending orgasm, his body tightening as the woman beneath him screamed as blood ran down her shoulder from the various bites he’d left over her skin. Before he could reach it, Molly had dug her nails into his hair, roughly pulling him out of the woman and a few feet away before letting him go. A bat had connected with his mid section, sending him sprawling to the side with a gasp. 

The blubbering woman beneath her would reach for Molly’s ankle, thanking her. Actually thanking her. Molly could only give a sneer of disgust before ending the woman’s pathetic life with another swing of the wooden bat in her hand. The squelch of bone and blood was sickening for anyone else who wasn’t used to it, but Molly found it soothing. With a few more wacks to the woman’s face, Molly found herself covered in blood and wanting more. Tucker had sat up a few moments before, watching Molly with the same fascination he’d always had for her. His member was thick and hard between his legs, obviously painful for him as he bent over with a grunt. 

“Now… I will tell you this once. If you everever fill another woman with your seed, I will rip your dick off and make you eat it. Do you understand me?” There had never been so much tension in the air between them before and it was obvious by Tucker’s bowed head. The male would mutter something beneath his breath that sounded defeated, but Molly could care less. He was weak.

She would never fuck someone who was weak.

Never be with someone who was weak.

And she damn well would never Love someone who was weak.

Tucker was left in his apartment with his dead whore. Molly took her things and left, vowing to never return to that piece of shit’s apartment that had once been filled with decent memories. But of course that’s when another part of her was created. A personality that would destroy any and every man or woman with sex, lust, or passion. Hailey was indeed the part of Molly that broke apart from her psych when she’d left Tucker.

A part of her that wanted revenge in the form of a kiss.

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  1. Kestryl 8 years ago

    Kestryl felt ridiculous in the outfit Corian had chosen, especially when Lady Morgan looked so incredibly regal and elegant and … delectable.  He winced as she verbally slapped Corian down to size and then blushed when the younger twin lost his load at her binding.  “She must think we’re the biggest bunch of country bumpkins in the history of Starfell,” he whispered to Corian.  “We kind of are,” Corian shot back with a snicker.  Kestryl gave a quiet huff of irritation.  

    In watching her, as she had commanded, he was already able to see a lot of truth wound into her facade.  It wasn’t a clear black and white delineation, but more of a blending her true self and selecting how much of that to show.  The very fact that she was capable of doing whatever horrible things she had promised he’d see, said something about her.  It may not be the whole of her but it was most definitely part of her.  Each aspect that she donned was a part of her, a facet of her glittering and complex personality.  And it made him adore her all the more.  That touch of darkness glimmered and shimmered in a way that he found beautiful, like an onyx gem.

    He kept his expression and general demeanor neutral, not as hostile as yesterday but not overly affectionate either.  He would take his cues from her and give affection when she demanded it and only then.  At least when they were in public. 

    He had been about to offer to have Dagen ride with him when he heard the roar of dragons and his eyes widened.  He blinked in shock.  In all his excitement of exploring the world, riding dragons had never come to mind and the thought terrified him on many levels.  Certainly, she couldn’t really mean to ride such creatures.  He swallowed hard and looked at Corian with a mixture of boyish giddiness and pure horror.

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