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Better Living Through Art

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The first time it only happened a little. I was working on a painting, it was a bit of an impressionistic piece, depicting in hazy illuminated tones the spirit of a giddy schoolgirl at play. I was especially enjoying the light springtime greens that sparkled across her forehead.

I turned to clean my brush, I am very thorough with my utensils, and when I had turned back the girl had moved.

Needless to say I was a bit tiffed. I had put her in that specific position for a reason. I wanted to capture the dulcet tones of sunset as they hit her from behind. But now she had moved, and her face was getting all of these ugly shadows.

I tried to reason with the painted girl. I told her she would be much prettier in the original position, but now that I was on to her, I couldn’t get her to budge. Not an inch, not a word, what a frustration.

I tried to work with what she had given me. I made the sun lower in the sky, and added a cute little pink bobbin hat, but it didn’t work, it wasn’t my vision anymore.

Reluctantly I told the young lady that I would have to put her away for a while if she wouldn’t cooperate. Even that didn’t phase her, so I finally rolled up the canvas and put it into storage.

Come to think of it, I have been so busy that I never did get around to checking on her again. i wonder if she is still stubbornly pointed in that direction. hmmm

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