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Beware the Butterfly – Dream 1

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She sat in the very front of the classroom at her own desk. Under her and a little to one side sat her book, a book filled with fantasy and creatures of unimaginable powers. The class was biology and the teacher was very angry. None of them had done what they were told to do and the papers in front of them were filled with nonsense that they’d just been too confused to actually read the biology book.

He ordered the young adults to read the books again and redo the questions during class that day. The girl with the book wasn’t stupid but she wasn’t as smart as some of the other kids. A boy in the back row saw her fantasy book and shouted it out across the room.

“Look what she has hidden!”

“It’s only a book and I’m not looking at it…I’m doing what I was told to do.” She complained. How could one little book cause such an uproar? A different girl was nearly pulling her hair from the work the teacher had given them. The group all turned on the girl until she picked up her things and moved to a desk nearly in the hall….

“Get back in here! You can’t hear me as well out there!” The teacher didn’t like her moving…

Skip forward

She was in a car, driving around schools. She wanted to go back to college but she didn’t know what to do. What school….what major….She wants to go into the same business as her dad, just to defeat him….Back to tech school?

Skip foward

Everyone in the school was in a large theater. To one side of her sat a friend and on the other sat an aquaintence. On the screen were demons…weaving their bodies and ducking their heads sideways towards the humans. The humans were terrified…

She was hungry and said it outloud…The female friend said she’s sorry but she has no food. The male pulled out a sandwhich of peanut butter and jelly and an apple, put them in a smaller bag and offered them. A larger male grabbed the bag and crushed the sandwhich….a teacher made him give it back and now the smaller male who’d offered her the food was crying.

She gladly accepted the smooshed food even though she couldn’t eat the apple. The crying male was moved to sit next to a teacher and a different teacher came over to stand by the two girls.

On screen…there was a myrid of butterflies and a woman standing in the center of the screen….staring at the girl who’d had the fantasy book…in a loud tone the screen spoke to only the girl…

“Beware the butterfly…”

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