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Biochemistry and Prophecies (Exploring Isa Arc) Chapter 3:Part 1

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Welcome To Chapter 3, Enjoy!

Makani would follow Amy to the Gooshore as Amy sighs “Well you said you wanted to understand this planet better, then we must go below the shores and into the Nightmare Realm” 

Makani nods “Lead me there then” She said as her mom went below the Gooshore into the slime and popped out the other side in a void-like plain and then she saw two corpses and a small child

“Time doesn’t function here but forgotten spirits remember all” Amy said to Makani as Amy would knock the girl out

“MOM! what was that for?!” Makani asked as Amy would answer “Sleep doesn’t exist here, so me knocking her out sends her to the Dreamscape” 

Amy said, picking up her mother’s skeleton and her Uncles “However they must be buried with their parents and lovers, draw this out as I explain”

“Speaking in terms of where exactly the realms are meant to be, the Dreamscape sits at below the clouds, where people go to their own Dreamscape but lose the privilege upon the time of death” Amy said to Makani who would write this down in the form of illustrations 

“Then below, we have the actual planet, which is the 5th planet in the system, the planet gives off a brownish red color which can interpreted as a black because its oceans are black” Amy explained as she had been planning this to rebury her mother and uncle

“Below the surface is the Nightmare Realm, a empty void of dark slime, once thought to have forged a war between the Nightmare Realm and Dreamscape, the prophecy foretold that two would take control of these realms, the Yin and Yang, however it always needed a pair in reality to command the Nightmarish Ceatures and The Dreams Of Many” Amy explained as Makani looked at her

“Who?” Makani would ask as her mother lifted her head to speak “Currently, there’s a Goddess Of Dreams, your Grandmother, Addie Pinkadow and your gruncle, Aaron Pinkadow, God Of Nightmares and the current Yin and Yang, is Andy and Anya Pinkadow” 

Makani nods and the speaks “Is Isa well known for biochemical warfare mom such as the Emerald Plauge or Pre Resurrection practices” The question caused Amy to stop in her tracks “Yes, the planet is but that’s what had to happen in the first war, the second and third shouldn’t have happened..”

“Your ancestors had to fight for their lives, they gave us a Treaty to protect Isa but no peace treaty! They corrupted my Uncle’s heart, he was a good a time..” Amy said as Makani was silent


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