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Blade of Diamond and Ancient Spells

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A blade molded from diamond shards the mixture of the heat from lava binds it all together. Working hard to mold everything together to make sure that it is perfect. Hakan works harder to forge it together she gets minor burns on her arms that just disappear from her skin. She finishes the blade leaving it in a silk inside iron case as she works on the black and silver hilt smiling as she twitst some unicorn hair with the leather that is black the silver being that of the hairs of the unicorn. She puts an orb of purple at the tip as she fuses something to keep the orb in place. Hakan smiles nodding a little as she adds a phoniex tear watching as the orb sucked it in and flashed a wonderful yellow inside of the orb. She moves to fuse the hilt to its blade, she closes her eyes and runs her fingers across where the blade and hilt will meet and speak a ancient language of sword builders. The blade glows as does the hilt, when the shop dims a little and the blade is connected to the hilt. She smiles before running her finger up the diamond blade ancient letters appearing up the blade the letters glowing a brillant yellow. “It is done and it looks wonderful.” She puts the sword in the iron silk case and hides it where no one would find it ever, not even her family. If someone found it she would of prayed that it would be the right person to work with the sword of ancient spells.

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