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Blind the Eyes Over Ar’Elis (Chat Log)

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Augustus Giovanni:      The city is in chaos and the warmongering heroes have gotten what they wanted. The shadows are astir with vampires and necromancers portaling in from the unknowns. The great masses of revolutionaries and rebels who just want their King Ar’Elis back fight with all they have, driving into the forces of vampires closest to them but some are not stirred by the desire to attack their angels and the cycle continues of death, murder and fighting. It is Chaos incarnate here and it’s all the heroes fault, especially when the city was so ‘peaceful’ only a few hours before.But that isn’t the end. Like battle drums, the hoards of vampires entering the city waste no time in trying to reinstate their control over the citizen’s minds. They’re already ripe for the taking and the giant red eyes above the city are there, ever watchful. The first sends a beam of evil energy crashing into a crowd of now non-believers and their bodies are ripped and torn apart, only to be added to the great beasts of stone and flesh that accompanied the Prophet of Or.

Magicia [Gen]:      -Ri’s portal opens up, dropping Magicia out on top of a building… oh great. It’s chaos down below.- “Well, good news, Ri? Looks like the people are already starting to fight back.. bad news? Evil sky eyes!”

Augustus Giovanni:      The moment Magicia appears, one of the two towering eyes in the sky turns to look at her, baring down upon her with all the might of the Religion of Or. It takes a moment but then one of those giant beams of energy crashes down toward her and the building she has landed on.

Ri’el Elizabethan{Gen}:      Ri was ready for this though. She knew those eyes would come back.” Those statues and  Or need to go but in the mean time.” She summoned a large mech and hopped right on inside and saw the blast and soon turned on her  Reflective shield and covered Mags as the beam bounced to a neaby hill” EAST THIS YOU SAURON WANNABE!!” THe large cannon Fired a ANFE Warhead right to the eyes.” BEEN WORKING ON THESE FORMDAYS IN THE LAB NOW EAT IT!!


Magicia [Gen]:      -Thank the gods that be for Ri and her shield… Magicia had raised her arms to try to cover herself, as useless as that would have been.. but now that she’s shielded, at least for now, she lets out a quick sigh of relief.- “Okay need a plan, need a plan… Ri, keep us covered, we’re going to need to concentrate for a spell and won’t be able to defend ourselves.”

Augustus Giovanni:      The ANFE works wonders, but if it can’t hit and it’s beams are too slow, there’s only so much it can do, right? The eyes are fast, so fast that one moment they’re in the sky high above Ar’Elis and the next they have disassembled into a thousand eyes of Or, weaving their path into the city where their beams of energy are set upon the large cannon mechs and both Ri and Magicia.

Narrator:      A storm begins. A flash of thunder, the steady pelt of rain.

{Gen.} Fwufikins, Maid Commander™:      Emerging from the ruins of Madooga Co. Tower, a battalion of Fwfus goes out on a mission. Keeping to the shadows, the maids rushed through the streets, splitting into small teams to avoid detection. They were searching for the giant statues of Or. One of the maids finds one! The little Fwuf runs up and opens a note. Clearing their throat, they speak aloud. “Let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna snort coke off a black guy’s dick.” The Maid paused, horrified by what just came out of their mouth. “Wait, that’s lewd! But, I said it, so… I’m a lewd maid? …NO THAT’S NOT POSSIBLE” The Maid twitched, foaming at the mouth, they shrieked and glitched in and out of reality. By reading a lewd note, the maid had been lewd. But Fwufs CANNOT be lewd. This creates a Paradox, much like dividing by zero and eventually… a singularity. The maid implodes, and where they once stood, there is now a black hole, its gravity pulling in the statue and a good chunk of the city block around it before collapsing on itself. One of the Statues of Or were gone, vanquished by maidly power.

Ri’el Elizabethan{Gen}:      “Uh oh…” given it was just her inside the mech and Mags and the Fwufs with will be hard. There was more eyes now. THe cannon had the larger warheads  but there was two many eyes. Now she but the Mech in Hunker down moan which would turn it into a mobile shield and move with mags as Ri hopped out. Ok …guess the jig is up.” She would activate the E.V.E Terminal And the Cyber gates would open and A swarm of ERG. units would storm out. The titan unit held Vector cannons and had their own Vector manipulations fields which would redirect incoming fire back at the source. the would fire the cannons at the vampires as they stormed the city

Narrator:      The winds pick up, howling, whipping wildly. An appropriate accompaniment to the chaos of the evening.

Magicia [Gen]:      -She falls back to stick close to the mech before sitting and forming a strange hand sign, closing her eyes to concentrate. Her trust is in Ri now. She must make herself vulnerable to attack to prepare her own, a downside for her bigger spells… concentrate, concentrate on your magic. On the power of the mind.–The spear on her back’s light settles, steadily pulsing.. but only for a minute before it flashes bright. Then dims once more. Unfortunately, she can’t check it now.-

Augustus Giovanni:      A black hole is a black hole and there’s not much that the rebelling zealots can do in the case of a giant one opening up in the center of the city where the statue was. One moment, there is a horde of zealots forcing their way toward the Fwuffs, the next, there’s a sudden influx of energy and everything within that block of the city has been destroyed. Except for the shadows that are formed near that area and from those shadows come great shadow monsters and hell hounds that whip and carry on in their own way toward the Fwuf army as they try and bring down the Or’ Statues across the city. At the same time, the swarm of ERG unites storm from their cyber gates and the eyes descend upon them, filling the air with chaos and a stream of hellish beams that rip into cybernetic gears and through metal as if it’s nothing. At least that’s how it should work… Nope. Beams are returned right back at the eyes as they swarm the ERGs and some explode.\When they do, acid like blood rains from the sky, dousing Magicia.Vampires are quick, faster even than some of the beams fired their way. While some end up with great big holes in their chests, others raise the city’s dead, forcing the creatures to fight the ERGS by any means necessary, including throwing rocks, spears and firing whatever high tech weaponry they have at Ri’el.

Ri’el Elizabethan{Gen}:      Mags was still under the forcefield of  the Main Mech Ri was controlling. So the acid would simply hit the reflecting filed and bounce off. So long as Mags does not step out of it. The ERGS would be hit with random objects likes rocks and spears  which like the beam would be sent back at the vampires. A few ERG units would kneel and let the mortar on the shoulders fire shells in the sky which would burst and send a hail of Silver dust across the landscape as it would flutter down upon them.Ri herself was sticking close ro Mags to make sure everything was going well and she She was the commander at this point and she was not losing this city

Magicia [Gen]:      -… She’d be toasty without Ri right about now. Her focus staggers as she anticipates the shower of acid.. but it doesn’t come. Focus, focus… she seeks out the minds of the people, of the vampires, starting to feel them all as one writhing map of masses all around her. Their energy meeting with hers, and in some cases fighting it… minds are not always easy to get a grip on, especially when they’re awake and so active. But she’ll take as much as she can, from both enemy and civilian… she’s nearly ready.-

Augustus Giovanni:      If you’ve never smelled the stench of burning vampire flesh.. well, that time’s long passed. The moment silver powder fills the air, the shadows throughout the city wriggle and writhe in anger. Monsters, great and big, storm toward the ERG units carrying the mortar shells with the silver dust, a giant ogre looking one slamming his foot through the first two while his companion, a giant stone and flesh buffalo uses its horns to batter and ram the thing. But that has no effect on the vampires beneath… no. Their flesh is melting off, sizzling before them. Some even catch fire, leaving grandeur skeletons in their paths and the vampires closest to Magicia assault her mind with each of their deaths.There is something though, something much darker in each of their minds. The moment, Magicia links with the vampires of the city, the religion of Or, she’s suddenly overwhelmed with shear terror and the all encompassing darkness of oblivion. It bores into her, wreaking havoc in her mind. A mind much older, much more powerful than her own starts weaving its way through hers, breaking down memories, tearing through happiness to replace it with fear.And that’s when a giant stone ape with wolverine claws barrels into both Ri’el and Magicia, a freight train ton of force striking hard at their barrier.

{Gen.} Fwufikins, Maid Commander™:      The maids continue their assault. Many perish, but each reads their little lewd note before they go, causing widespread chaos throughout the city. Another has made it to the goal, its shrieking death throws signifying another Statue is gone. Then another. 3 total!

Augustus Giovanni:      There’s nothing the citizens can do under Fwufs’ assault. Each time a statue is brought down, a block is leveled. The city is in danger of collapsing. The buildings close to the Fwuffs do and engulf the city in a blanket of dust and darkness.You can’t see anything.The moment you open your eyes, dust gets in them and you have to wipe and rub at them to get the dust out. The world is in flames. It burns.It hurts.And then the dust begins to clear.Where did the eyes go?There were tons of eyes a moment ago.
Magicia [Gen]:      -If she was in the proper position to do so, Magicia would order her Fwufs to tone down the carnage, or they won’t have anyone left to save! But.. she can’t. She can’t break away her concentration to check in on the hive mind and know what they’re doing, or to order them around.. no, she thought she was ready to initiate a string of spells, but instead her mind is suddenly ravaged. All of this confusion and chaos ripping through her psyche and screaming at her.- “Nggh… Ri, I.. I need.. more time!” -She groans, gritting her teeth and keeping her eyes clenched shut… The voices in her are getting to her. Why are you fighting your own? Why are you resisting instead of spreading the chaos? Do you really think you can ever change? That you can keep up this act of being a good person? Chaos is your nature… break down…-

Augustus Giovanni:      WEAKNESS. There’s weakness in Magicia’s mind.That’s what the older mind goes after. Her instinct to merge with chaos, her desire to spread it. The instinct to kill, to maim, to destroy, to do as she pleased with no consequence. But there’s also implanted the thought that the creatures of the city are her friends. Not her enemies… She’s killing her friends. She’s destroying them. She’s mutilating them.

Commander Moranthiel Von Krieg {Gen}:      The ERG;s VM fields were not as strong as her main one so when the things ram into them it would bounce the attack back  a little bit but not enough to be helpful. The one ERG Would drop its cannon as the and grip the beasts horns to wrestled with it as it was ran into The other ERGs move in to try and shot the beast. Mags seemed to be doing well for the time being but then there was a stone ape? She Had to keep the shield up she would  Take out a ANFE grenade and chuck it at the Ape. ” Shit this is getting rough we need to press on.” She touched her arm pad .” Now now now “!! Soon out of the ground came out hundreds of Devouts Devouts make up most of the order. They are the strongest and most faithful of the church of Weave, and Mora has blessed them with new bodies. Master of martial arts and bodies able to crush buildings with fist or foot. Their entire body is their weapon. They have gave up flesh to have skin like tungsten mesh, able to withstand most weapons fire. Yocto machines fill their veins to help repair any damage that may be able to break through. At this point the Jig was up Her body shifted and it was shown that Ri was indeed Mora herself.” Mags you can do this You have your family the Valencias and the Fwufs who know you can and me myself.

Augustus Giovanni:      Magicia is riding with a traitor. Traitor. Mora is the traitor. Kill her. Stab her. Mutilate her.

{Gen.} Fwufikins, Maid Commander™:      The number of notes is down to only a few, and now the maids are saving them for the statues. Another Statue of Or gone. How many remain?

Augustus Giovanni:      The first of the beasts, the one with horns, is not easy to crumble whatsoever. It bears into them with the strength of a titan and that titan is not backing down. At least till it is rammed into with a sudden devout, a devout that crushes it in a single blow to protect its ally. Buildings are leveled and vampires are crushed beneath the might. And suddenly, the fighting has stopped. Altogether. Citizens stand, sit, lay… but they make no motion to attack.The statues are gone. Entire blocks.The citizens are dirty, broken.The shadows no longer move.There are no visible signs of the great Eyes of Or.

Magicia [Gen]:      “… Mora…” -She grimaces, tears sneaking through past her eyelids as she trembles violently. Don’t think of this, Magicia.. think of Mearo and Feldrin and Siclides and Agnes and Gale and Fwuf and Hel-.. and Helve… Do not give in. But it’s so difficult not to.. this ancient mind is getting to her. This destruction.. can’t she stop it? Can’t she save her friends? Can’t she save herself? It’s not.. it’s not too late to join the winning side… No, Kida… Kida is waiting for her. She has to try.- “… Spectral…Amalgamate!” -The spell is flawed, but cast. The minds of the many people she’s drawn into are drawn into slumber, pulled away from their physical bodies… but the realm that they are supposed to be drawn into is supposed to be one of hope, of fighting for the future.. instead it is dark and inky and covered in twisting tendrils. Everyone she’s gotten to is having a bad nightmare.-

{Gen.} Fwufikins, Maid Commander™:      The maids halt their kamikaze assault, tearing up the leftover notes and rushing to protect mistwess

Augustus Giovanni:      Unfortunately, there are no more vampires in the city. At least the ones that Magicia could have sensed before.Even that great mind that was lumbering through hers a moment before is gone.For now… the city is quiet.

Mearo Valencia:      Mags would feel another voice in her mind.” Fear? Terror? Pfft you dealt with works my dear daughter…I am Fear…you know this and this is nothing you know that.” Mearo would appear beside her and Mora  and His hand on Mags pulling the fear from her

Augustus Giovanni:      Aside from the screams of its citizens, broken, hurt… on the edges of their death seats.But not much of the city is left either. A few dozen buildings, heavily damaged, the citizens themselves, mutilated beyond reason… even the great stone beasts, protectors of the citizens, have gone silent and are no longer moving. like giant statues.

Commander Moranthiel Von Krieg {Gen}:      Mora seas Mearo and smiles as she get up. ” you got her” she would rush out past them and and port in near some fwufs and steals their notes.” Don’t read that….I need you help get me to the mount of kings.” She would say to it

Magicia [Gen]:      -Her eyes flicker open and she looks up.. that awful voice in her head gone for the moment… and so is the fear… but it’s too late. Her spell is tormenting the innocent lives below, all because she faltered.- “… Mr Ment… Mearo… ” -She wants to be comforted by his presence but.. no. Something is wrong. This silence is bad. She can tell.-

Elijah Dawnshard:      Elijah stepping out of the flames of a burning building sprints over to where he spots Magica and the other defenders. Preparing his cleansing fires encase they come under attack once again. He glances back at Magica as he senses the mental strain she is under. His attention then goes to the injured and wounded. “Can I help them or can you protect Magica?” He asks as he turns to the Fwuf maids, he could sense the pain all around him and he wanted to help the injured but first he knew Magica had to be protected at this time.

Augustus Giovanni:      For now… the city is left with that silence, that all fear inducing silence that holds with it an incredibly terrifying foreboding.

{Gen.} Fwufikins, Maid Commander™:      The maids nod to Mora, each one chanting “FWUF HELP!” The maids take Mora and rush her to the mount

Mearo Valencia:      Mearo would nod and get closer ” Any fear you feel Mags is just  fleeting i’ll take care of it take into myself…do not worry.

Magicia [Gen]:      “… Right.” -She gets up and glances quickly to Elijah.- “We’re.. I’m alright sir. Please just keep alert. Something’s not right here.. it shouldn’t be this quiet..” -She won’t wake up the people yet, she fears for them.. even if they’re in a nightmare, at least they might stay safe this way? Maybe? She doesn’t know. For now she stares into the distance, forming a hand sign once more. She’s preparing a certain spell, anticipating a sudden attack…-

Commander Moranthiel Von Krieg {Gen}:      She would see the city and send Devouts and other soldiers of the True Web  to help those that were hurt and get help for the citizens she Finally made her way to the temple mount and looked around.” Hmm..” she also felt uneasy but she had one last trick up her sleeve if things were to surprise them.

Magicia [Gen]:      -… But the silence isn’t breaking yet. With unease, she makes her way off of the crumbling building, looking around anxiously.- “.. Alright, let’s regroup with Mora at the Mount of Kings. With everyone asleep or gone, it won’t be as difficult to get there.”

Elijah Dawnshard:      “As you wish milady.” Elijah said, keeping his senses alert. His keen eyes glowing with blue flame as he scanned the area for any signs of danger.  

Mearo Valencia:      Mearo would walk with her and meet with Mora and he was rather calm but he to had some  knights ready if the fight would break out again


Elijah Dawnshard:      Elijah walked along with Magica to meet Mora, the phoenix although at ease was still ready to being hurling bolts of fire and other pyrokinetics should a conflict break out.

Commander Moranthiel Von Krieg {Gen}:      Mora would smile.” I think we did it.” she said as she reached her hand down to connected to the Weave, the grid would spread across the city and start to rebuild it all. The Trans-humanist people would get some healing and others being taken to get help from the battle she looked to Elijah.” I am aware im waiting  to see what they do.”


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