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(BLOG) me and my characters. a explanation of some things..

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as any writer does, they base their character’s around them selves some way some how no matter how small. me, i based some around my self and some directly around some friends.


the general attitude of her and the music she’s into is based off me. even appearance, actually. the green eyes and blond hair deal. the way she dresses is more around my friend, Zach. he always has some sort of a band shirt on with a jacket over it, wearing either jeans or joggers, some random pair of shoes that still fits.. he doesn’t really care.


the name? well, came from my friend, who’s name is also Corey. the attitude and appearance i came up with at random. but i did have him act like my friend Zach in terms of support. Corey helps my character Zoey sort of.. learn to open up. while Zoey doesn’t entirely open up now, she does a small amount.


well holy hell this one is based off two people.

  1. Chloe from Life Is Strange… appearance wise. drug wise goes for both.
  2. Zach.

why am i basing so many people around Zach? well, it’s simple – Zach is like that one person who goes out of there way to make you happy… if you know him well enough and become close to him like i have. he’s like that one support beam still standing after a Cat 5. hurricane. and he’s got so many personalities it’s easy to just pluck one out and come up with something. anyways, back to how he relates to Lily. i made Lily as Zoey’s equivalant to my Zach. 

now, for those who keep up-to-date on my story, (i doubt you do) i based some of Corey’s back story on something Zach’s trying to do. Zach is tryna start a band called “Shoot The Messenger”, which is like Rage against the machine. the whole Rap / Rock genre of sorts. so.. i stole it for Corey’s whole thing.

now my personal attachment to my characters.. and please keep in mind im high at the time im writing this.

i love them all. i have this whole idea where Zoey and Lily will be a thing (im calling this author ship… Zoely) and that Zoey might meet her parents..? i dunno. 

in my writing process i come up with ideas long before and choose as i go. (spoilers for those who are intrested) Corey’s death wasn’t something i planned, but more something i felt was needed. Zoey loses more as her life progresses, which will lead to the end i have planned… (after the end it’s all RP stuff..)

so im tired and need sleep so fuck all of you im going to bed.


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