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Blood sparkles on the blue eyed devil’s teeth

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“What happened? What really happened? You ask this, you think I know the answer, you think I know why he turned! YOU THINK I DID THIS! YOU THINK I WANTED THIS, YOU THINK I AM HAPPY SHE IS DEAD!”

Jen wanted to scream. she wanted to yell, and she did. She yelled of all of that at her friend Leo. He backed up with his hands held in the air, he had never seen her mad. He now regretted asking the question he had, “What happened to your father” he had said. Now that he had gotten more of a answer then he wanted he did not what to get on her nerves further. They had just come back from a battle, Jen had lapis blue hair and glowing blue eyes, no bad wounds just a few bruises. Her wings were each at least 12 feet from tip to base, there feathers were normally navy blue at the top fading into maroon but at the moment each feather was sharpened like a dagger. He had green hair and green eyes. he had also returned with no horrible wounds. His wings were like Dragon wings, they were 17 feet each from tip to base and the vains were red with the rest black. 

Leo turned to leave the room he shared with Jen, John and the commander. He headed straight for the mess hall for something to drink, on the way out he saw John, He had jet black hair that was slicked back and yellow eyes, well no they were crimson right now but Leo did not notice. he was entering the room. John was Jen’s boyfriend at the time and they both truly seemed to love each other. John liked to advance fast but Jen did not, he was known to just randomly reach out and grab her breast or bottom but if course Jen had broken his nose for these reasons but he never learned. Leo could recall a time when John had tried to take Jen’s belt off in public and he had beaten John senseless with a large stick. But Jen had not been mad at Leo after he did this, she was happy.

Jen looked up from the book she was writing in, she snapped it shut like she always did when John came in, she was a poet and he would show the whole unit if he saw what she wrote, he had done it before. She stood and approached him, about to give him a hug but he held a dagger out in front of him to stop her. His voice boomed and she saw his eyes that were supposed to be yellow but were crimson ” I want my money, I can finally be rid of you blue haired freak sorry excuse for a human ” Jen looked confused. “John… what the hell are you talking about” her voice was not steady as she replied. Her hand crept to the black dagger strapped to her thigh, her 75 pound, 7 foot sword was to far away to get to. John approached quickly and sliced her chest open. The cut was 12 inches and so deep Jen had to hold her arms over it to keep her insides INSIDE. She gasped in surprised but whatever she was going to say was lost in a gurgling sound that came from her throat. he approached Jen who had already sunk to her knees. He held the dagger inbetween her eyes but before he could make the final blow Jen drew the dagger and stabbed the base of his leg. He fell back and screeched. His leg began to burn from the inside out. Jen’s vision wavered and the pain was something she had never felt. The last the she saw was Leo bursting into the room, he ran to Jen and scooped her up bridal style and ran for the infirmary. He left John for the commander that burst in after Leo had gone. Jen saw the look on Leo’s face, he looked like he had just seen a ghost. The bravery he had had was gone, completely replaced with fear and worry. Jen’s blinking got longer as she could not  hold her eyes open any longer. She heard the nurse gasp at the sight of Jen and Leo began to sob. Then it was done. The pain left her and she could not hear. She was relieved, she was dead right?

To Jen it seemed like three seconds but in reality she had been out for three days. Everyone had given up on her. Leo had not left the infirmary, he had not slept or eaten, he refused to leave Jen’s bed side to the point that they thought he would starve himself to death. The commander had already arrested John who had lost his leg. Jen felt all the pain and all her senses rush back all at once. Her eyes flickered open. She still held the dagger, Leo had refused to let anyone take it away from her even for a moment, if she died he knew she would want to die with a weapon in hand. She groaned as the pain hit her like a brick wall. Leo looked up from where he kneeled beside her bed. His eyes were blood shot and had dark circles under them. His jaw dropped and he wrapped his arms around Jen, he was sobbing again. The nurse looked up to see Jen awake and Leo hugging her to the point he was at risk of strangling her. The nurse yelled and screamed for the commander, he was first there but the sound attracted so many people to Jen’s bedside that the entire infirmary was filled in a matter of minutes. Leo refused to let go of Jen. They had stitched her up best they could. Jen whispered in Leo’s ear, her voice raspy from breathing out her mouth only for three days and nights. “It is going to be ok, I am here and not dead” Leo sobbed till he had no more tears to cry, most would have laughed at a 21 year old man that was crying but this was no laughing matter. Her words comforted him and he finally let go of her to let the nurse get to Jen. She was in so much pain that she leaned over the side of the bed and puked. They had no pain killers so they just tried to get her to breath right. She was not hungry but they made her eat, she was not thirsty but they made her drink. two of Leo’s friends grabbed him by the arms and made him go to the mess  hall to get something to eat. The nurse called for everyone to leave and they did , grumbling as they obeyed. After Leo ate he ran back to the infirmary, no one tried to stop him. Jen was sound asleep when he got there but she was not in the coma like thing she had been in, just regular sleep. He shifted into a stark white cat and slept next to her. In her sleep, whatever she was dreaming made her wrap her arms around him. The nurse found them in the morning and made Leo go sit in the chair near her bed, he shifted back to a human and did what be was told.

The commander came in around noon and shook Jen to wake her up, both Leo and the nurse yelled at him for waking her. Her eyes flickered open and she groaned at being shook. The commander asked her what happened and she explained, all the way down to hearing Leo start to cry before she went out, no one laughed at Leo. The commander sat and thought. 

An hour or so later Leo and the commander had to hold Jen down while the nurse replaced the stitches. Her screams were heard through out the whole building. Leo refused to look at the screaming Jen, he knew they were hurting her and he knew she had been hurt enough already. 

That night the commander and the nurse caught Leo shifted as a cat and in Jen’s bed again, her arms were wrapped around him. Instead of making Leo leave they left him there, Jen was obviously fine with it.

The next morning they let everyone in again and the infirmary was quickly filled. They rotated who was in and who was out but Leo refused to leave. After everyone left they had to replace her stitches. She screamed and Leo had a few tears drop, knowing he was hurting her.

Now Jen lives in Persistance, she is almost fully healed from her incident. Both the commander and Leo are dead, She has no one to live for… well no. She lives for her dead mother, she lives for her dead friend Leo, she lives on for the dead commander who taught her so much, She lives for her friends Barth and Cole, she lives for her new found love, She lives for the little momments she gets to  laugh with her boyfriend; Ender, she lives to see Barth and the fox play, she lives to help Cole know why he is here. She lives… Because she had learned to love and like, he sad and happy, have fun and be serious. She lives… 


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