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Viktor Knight looked around at the white void surrounding him, his silver eyes glancing back and forth over the empty space. There seemed to be nothing around him, not sign of anything at all. He had no idea how he’d gotten here, not idea how he’d gone from stumbling toward Anthem’s camp to suddenly standing in this spot. It was like the time was just gone.

To be a hero.

Viktor spun, looking for the voice that had spoken. There was no one. Still just an empty void.

To protect the innocent.

The white haired man turned the other direction, trying to find the source of the voice that was speaking. It was like it had come from all around him at once, a sound that seemed to seep into your mind but came from no direction.

“Who are you!? What do you want from me?” He screamed, the timber of his voice seeming to be leeched away before it travelled more then a few feet in this empty place. Not having expected an answer, Viktor was surprised when a puddle of silvery material began to form on the ground in front of him, swelling upwards to form a vaguely humanoid shape.

I have no name. No face of my own. I….

It seemed to pause, as if thinking on how to answer the second question he’d asked.

I want to be a hero. You want to be a hero. Together, we become greater.

A lance of pain went through Viktor’s mind as it was filled with foreign memories. Memories of the origin of this silvery blob, the purpose of the symbiotes, and what power it could grant him if only he allowed it to bond with him, completely.

Become greater? Become Hero? Accept?

It was not words it spoke, but concepts with meanings far deeper. Meanings drawn directly from Viktor’s own mind. It was little wonder then that, once he fully understood what it was asking for and what it was offering, a grin spread across the young man’s face.

“Let’s do it. We’ll become Heroes together. We’ll become a greater Hero, together.” He held his hand out to the silvery humanoid blob. And as soon as it reached forward to grasp that offered hand, Viktor’s vision faded away to white. The bonding process had begun.


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