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The story doesn’t end after death; it only begins. Words she forces herself to remember, though whose words they belong to for her is a mystery. And not one worth looking into.

She sits at the base of a small hill within the forest of the Kilvian afterlife. She leans her head back against the trunk of a thick oak and absorbs herself in her own thoughts.

She pulls her knees to her chest and listens in silence to the burbling of the babbling creek just a league away.

The forest was immense, and with out clear end, the smell of pine and grass filled the sweet air. The bright cloudless blue sky was hidden behind a cover of lush green leaves. The sun had been shining brightly, its radiant light shown through the leaves, making them seem almost transparent.

On her pale cheeks the shadows of the leaves began to play over her faces; shades of green and blue falling over her.

She had been so immersed within the silent tranquility of the forest that she hadn’t even noticed it; a thick tree branch giving out on itself from above her. There was a loud sickening crack like a bone breaking; quickly she snapped her head up only to see a tall man, decked in loose elegant tunics holding up the large fallen branch just above her head.

For a moment she was simply stunned, she sat cheeks warm with blush as she stared at the man who looked all too familiar. She stared at his white hair, and at the dark feathery wings tucked neatly behind his back. His face, though soft was frozen in a scowl and he stared down at her intensely.

“Thay…thank you.” She managed swallowing her embarrassment and for a moment the man was silent as though not wanting to speak to her, but the look in her eyes gave him no choice.

“You are welcome.” He responded with a nod of his head and she smiled.

“I don’t know what would have happened to me had you not arrived when you did…though I suppose nothing would have really happened then would it? We are after all in heaven.” She said smiling sweetly and the stranger nodded his head. The sentence that drew him in. They continued to speak hours of interesting dialogue shared between the two.

“So Brahama…” She started calling him by the name he had told her was his. “did you have any children?” she asked and the man smiled down at her mulling over her question.

“Yes…a son, beautiful boy…even from birth he had much fire in his heart. I perished before I was able to see him grow into a man…my son raised by someone else.” Her heart seemed to drop as Brahama spoke, the  entire time all she could think of was him, Zazel. Still living, back on their old plane, could he have been the son Brahama spoke of? She seen Brahama’s features and compared to Zazel’s there seemed to be no argument…he was Brahama’s son. The only problem she seemed to have now was to make the decision, did she tell Zazel? Or not?

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  1. Dark 9 years ago

    i wouldnt mind doing some voice work.

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