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breaking & entering

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She was hastily moving through the City of Consequence, with a group of 30 mandalorians, armoured, armed, ready. She looked to the picture in her hands again, the picture of her gal, she was worried about her, not having seen her for a few days, it would be fine normally, but given current world events…. she shook those thoughts out, and drew herself back to reality, sliding the picture into her pocket. 
She looked back to the group of 30, they were checking all sides, weapons ready, she nodded to them “lets pick up the pace, eh?” and they did, picking up speed as she headed out of the Merchant circle, and into the Nymph park. “c’mon move!” she called, moving faster, very fast, warping from roof to roof at this point, not too far from the group.
Eventually, they’d reach it, the edge of the fortress. “try and keep it quiet” she said to all of them, by now tracer had her weapons drawn, and had stopped blinking around, getting into a crouch as she approached the entrance. this place was heavily guarded, but that was to be expected.
She would look towards that heavily guarded entrance, sneaky… they had to be sneaky…
she ordered them into positions where all of the guards around the entrance could be taken out at once. They fired. The guards around the entrance fell dead on the spot. They would move in, dispose of the bodies, and head inside, sneakily, sneakily… One of them was found out not to be dead, and was promptly secured.
She would report in remotely to Kirk, entrance secured. what’s next?

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    1. Author
      Lena Oxton 'Tracer' 3 years ago

      Soon after a conversation with Kirk, Tracer would look to the other squad(s?) she had been provided with via beaming, and one of the ‘corpses’ was beamed away. as they kept low, she went on with the two squads and herself, keeping low… it seemed quiet… to quiet…

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