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Kahi is pacing across Cassandra’s apartment, thanking whatever god that the woman chased everyone off.

“No. I am not going back. You must be crazy, if you think I’m going to try and fix this shit with the two of you. Last time, Tiga almost got killed. And now our anchor is dead. Our ren. I know it was one of you fucks, too, but you’re all too twisted and busy wallowing in self-pity to even give a shit!”

One of the other shards of what was once Tiga speaks up, the one calling itself Feune, and the voice echoes inside Kahi’s skull.

‘We were off one mind-‘

“Yeah. And look what happened. We fucked that up. So the consiousness shattered. Self preservation. But Tiga was still willing to give us a chance. When it didn’t work, you all ran.”

‘I cannot speak for the others, but I only wanted answers-‘

“BULLSHIT!” Kahi snaps, spinning on her heel to glare at the bed. “I know you! I know all of us! We didn’t really want it to work- not enough to go out of our way!” She takes a moment to breathe, realizing that her seemingly random bouts of rage are likely going to get her evicted. “I am not starting another central mind.”

‘You are grieving. It’s pointless, Kahi. You might as well grieve a lost limb.’

“Look here, you empty cur. I actually cared about Tiga. I accepted that we weren’t going to fit back together as a hive. I could accept that we became parasites. Hell, I’ve actually done a little bit of good, despite the shitstorm that I am. We took names of our own, after the fracture. Different identities.”

‘You’re veering off topic.’

“I’m really not. If you two would take your heads out of each other’s asses for half a minute, and actually listen to what all is going on, you would understand. I know you can still hear everything that happens in my train of thought. I also know that you can ignore it.”

We may have accepted our fates initially, but things change.’

‘Syrijo, it’s hopeless. She’s been shouting for days-‘

‘I am not giving up. I despise thinking alone. Its-‘

“…I know. But I also know that one of you ended Tiga, and I know that Cassandra here is just as pissed about our existence as I am. Cassandra can hear you, with me here. She can disperse you, with not even so much effort than it would have taken to break you further. All it would take is for me to relax for a moment. Ease up on the reigns. Right now, both of us want you gone, so I am giving you a final chance to get the fuck away from this apartment.”

A moment passes. And another. Silence. Several seconds more, and Kahi sinks to her knees. Calm down. Personal space is nice, but if you go around punching things every time you get mad, you run out of things to punch. Or, that’s what Kahi tells herself.







(This is how the most recent scene between the broken parts of what used to be a hivemind went, as far as I remember… It’s been a couple weeks, so I’m sorry if it got re-written awkwardly. Regular is Kahi, who is possessing Cassandra. Bold is Feune, and italics are Syrijo… Those two don’t have current hosts, so yeah. Also, if anything is confusing, please let me know, and I’ll try and clear anything up as quickly as possible, if anyone even cares)


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